Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Map Ornaments

I gather and read brochures each time we go on a trip.
I hated to throw them away 
so we have had this growing stack of brochures on our bookshelf for years.
 I got a brilliant idea...
since the theme of our Christmas tree this year is travel...
I should make ornaments out of our maps!

I sifted through all of the maps and found 14 or so that I thought would work.
I folded them in half 
(making sure to include the places we visited in the area I was planning to cut out)
 Then I cut hearts out of the maps.
I didn't use a pattern so each one is unique.
 Then I glue sticked them onto scrapbook paper.
 Cut them out making sure to leave a colorful border around the edge.
 Found some red ribbon and mini clothes pins.
 And clipped them together.
 We went through and wrote our favorite memory of each place on the back of the heart.
It was fun to reminisce about each place.
 Time to add them to the tree.
 Close ups...
 I L.O.V.E.  how this project turned out.

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