Monday, January 9, 2017

2017 Word of the Year

I started the tradition of picking a word of the year back in 2013.  I've loved doing it and look forward to picking a new word each year.  I start brainstorming a list of potential words, think about them, pray about them and then narrow it down to the one.  I feel like it gives me focus for the year and gives me some personal things to work on that are bigger than a quick list of things to check off.  My word selection gives me something that I want to improve on personally or an idea I'd like to embrace in the coming year.

My word of the year history:

2013: Change
2014: Thrive
2015: Enjoy
2016: Invite


I want to work on self care, care about my health, caring for my family, caring for my friends, caring for my neighbors and getting to know them, care for my marriage, and care for my children.

Self CARE: 
I have neglected basic things like regular doctors appointments for the past several years.  I have really only gone to my OB consistently thanks to two pregnancies and really need to schedule appointments for the dentist, eye doctor, family doctor, etc.  Moving most every year means that I really need to FIND new doctors in my city and schedule appointments with them preferably when Kevin is available to be home with the kids.
I'd also love to work harder on walking regularly with the kids, healthy eating and investing time in doing things I love instead of just crossing things off a to do list.  Make time for my favorite hobbies (blogging, crafting, baking, thrifting, writing, parties and reading).

CARE for my family: 
Keep doing what I'm doing as a SAHM and take care of my kids.  I do most of the grocery shopping so we eat what I buy.  I know I can do better to plan healthy meals, have healthy snacks readily available and plan things we enjoy.  I care about housework, running our household and organizing our life.  I'd also love to plan visits to see family, invite family to our house, see my siblings, cousins and enjoy family time when we are with extended family.

CARE for my friends:
Be a good friend to friends who've been friends for years, give attention to new friendships and help them to grow, plan play dates with friends to help Olive work on her friendship building skills and work on our couple friend relationships.

CARE for my neighbors:
We have lived in our new home since July and I'm slowly getting to know our neighbors.  I went a little out of my comfort zone at Christmas and made cookies for neighbors I had only waved at in passing and it was so well received.  Almost all of them came to knock on our door to say hello and get to know us better.  I was excited and am looking forward to reaching out to them more.  This will mean stopping to say hello, baking for them and not just passing them by when I see them out and about.

CARE for my marriage:
We've gotten into a busy routine of work, home life and not a lot of thoughtful together time.  We're busy with the kids in the evenings and kind of crash after they go to bed.  I'd love to plan date nights, hire babysitters regularly, go to parents night out, watch shows/movies together and put a little more effort into time with Kevin.

CARE for my children:
I spend all day every day caring for my children and I'd like to work on planning things to really benefit them.  Regular trips to the library, time with friends, walks, playgrounds, children's museums, look into preschool options for next year, church, road trips, swimming and outdoor fun.  I'm not talking about super scheduling our days.  I'm talking about planning 1-2 things per week that are fun adventures for us to do together, opportunities for them to learn new things and for us to really enjoy our days together.  It won't be long before they are both in school so I want them to know that I really care for them and care about being the best mom I can be.

 Wish me luck!!

Have you chosen a word of the year?
I'd love to hear what it is im the comments.

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  1. Care is such a great word and something moms don't do very well for themselves. I always put everyone else first and then myself and that's not good either.

  2. Care is a great word! I haven't heard of anyone doing that word and I like how you related it to so many areas in your life!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. This is SUCH a great word Whitney. I have seen a lot of words over the years, but never care. I love the way you broke it all down too. I can't wait to see you thrive in caring this year.

  4. Oh I'm loving this word! All of those aspects are so important. I just know that focusing on care is going to make 2017 such an amazing year. I've chosen the word progress. I'm going to work on just making small steps to making some big changes. I'm really excited to see what changes 2017 will bring.

  5. What a great word! Caring is something we can all work on!!
    I am sharing my #olw later this week!!

  6. This is a great word! I think by breaking it down into categories like you did, it will be easier to tackle each thing. You've got this! :)

  7. I love that your word applies to so many areas in your life and not just YOU. I can't wait to see what this year brings your way!

  8. Such a fantastic word. I'm always so inspired by you! I could apply so much of this to myself and my current stage of life....I'm thinking I might have to :)

  9. Love your word for this year Whitney!! We share a lot of the same goals and I loved reading about how you want to CARE more this year in all areas of your life!!! Hope you have a great week friend!!

  10. Great stuff! I love the way you approached choosing your word and then how you applied it to all the areas of your life. Your word reminds me of 1 Peter 5:7 that I've heard translated this way, "For to Him it is a CARE concerning you." When caring for others becomes overwhelming or exhausting, I'm so glad there's someone bigger who cares for me!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  11. This is a wonderful word for the year. Taking care of yourself is so important!

  12. Self-care is a big thing I don't do enough of. I totally agree with the medical stuff. I avoided the dentist for 6 years. Yikes.


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