Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Fletcher 7-9 Months

Time is flying with our little man!  It's hard to believe we're already starting to think about his first birthday party.  He's doing great and really changing each day.  

7 Months - October 2016
This month was a big one for you!  You said your first word and surprised no one by saying MAMA.  It made my day.  You love to go on walks, are very hot natured and you are happiest when you are sitting up surrounded by toys.  Loud noises of any kind really startle you, you're outgrowing 12 month clothing and you love music.  You're sitting in your high chair and wolfing down Cheerios and cereal puffs.

You pull hair, are super ticklish and Olive calls you Fletchy.  You got your first tooth and it's on the bottom.  It didn't take long for your second bottom tooth to poke through.  You still love your toes, hate getting shots and you spend your days babbling.  You lunge for things you want and love when people help you stand up.  You are so busy.

We went to a local nursery and you had fun seeing (trying to eat) all of the pumpkins.  You went on your first hayride and hated it.  You trick or treated and slept through most of it.  You were the cutest little shark for your first Halloween.

8 Months - November 2016
You are pulling up on everything.  You squawk to get attention and you want to be standing up all teh time.  You are taking bottles of Similac Sensitive and love to help hold on to your bottles.  You love almost all foods you try - noodles, graham crackers, yogurt, soft pretzels, etc.  You can sit up in the bath tub and it is one of your very favorite things to do.

You started crawling this month!  We thought we had a little more time, but you were determined to keep up with your big sister.  We had to get out the baby gate to keep you safe.  You give big, open mouthed kisses, you love to play with toys in your crib and you're sprouting more and more BLONDE hair every day.  You are super ticklish and love to feed yourself.  You are sleeping a little better each day.  You slept through the night for the first time and it was wonderful for everyone.

You love to smile and chat with people.  Your first Thanksgiving was great.  You discovered mashed potatoes and were in heaven.  You think Olive is the funniest person around.

9 Months - December 2016
You are a very quick crawler and can navigate your way around the house.  You'll go room to room until you find who you are looking for.  You said DADA this month and your dad was so proud.  Your head always has a bruise on it because you are constantly running into things.  You stand up in your crib when you wake up.  You hate having a wet diaper and wake up immediately crying to be changed.

You drink out of a sippy cup now, still love almost all food you try and you got super sick this month.  You had a 9 day stomach bug that was really rough.  You learned how to wave bye bye and your whole face lights up when you do.  You are not a fan of wearing socks.  You've learned how to open cabinets, are so curious and try hard to do whatever your big sister is doing.  Your personality is really shining through and you love keep an eye on everything.

We had our first snow and you loved looking at it.  You are a great road tripper and are happy to ride along.  Your first Christmas was wonderful although you weren't interested in opening the packages.  You just wanted to chew on the bows and eat wrapping paper.  Wooden puzzles and cars are your current favorite toys.

We sure are lucky to have this sweet boy in our family :)


  1. FLETCHER!!!! Oh my goodness Whitney!! He is just SO precious!!! The pretzel picture is my absolute favorite. What a beautiful baby boy you have!!!

  2. Oh my goodness that sweet smile is just the cutest. I can't believe he is getting so close to the big 1?! How in the world is that even possible. I am still loving that plaid onesie SO cute!

  3. How is he already NINE MONTHS???!!!! What an absolute cutie!

  4. Hey just always looks so happy! The pic of him in the santa hat kills me!!

  5. I'll say it again, and again, your kiddos are the CUTEST! What a fun update to read. Your little guy is adorable. I wish I could squeeze those darling cheeks!!!

  6. He's seriously too cute! I can't believe how much he's grown! :)

  7. I always love your kid updates. You do such a great job keeping it all organized and highlight the special moments. Your kiddos are going to love looking back on these. Fletcher looks like a Fletcher. So funny how that works out. He is a cutie!

  8. I feel like he has really blossomed in the last few months. He is proof that babies get sweeter and sweeter as they grow.

  9. Um, how has he grown so quickly and where has the time gone?! I love the pretzel pic!


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