Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Oh Olive!

Kids say the craziest things!  I keep a running list of funny conversations with Olive on my phone.  She cracks me up all the time and I love having these little stories documented.  They're so easy to forget and I think she'll enjoy reading them when she gets older.  I know I will always love rereading them.  I haven't shared any #oholive moments since July so here are her stories from the past several months.

We were driving in the car and she says
I love you.
Oh I love you, too Olive.
Mom!  I was talking to my Skittles.

Mama, my eyes!  They are dripping.
dripping = crying

Santa does not live at the North Pole!
He lives at the golf course.

We were writing letters to Santa and I asked her what she thought Fletcher might want.
Maybe he should ask Santa for some hair??

She requests another bedtime story after several stories.
I firmly say no it's bed time.
Mama, Jesus will be so sad if you don't read to me.
She wins and I reread the manger story she was asking for.

Come quick, mom!
Our graham crackers are all sick!!
graham crackers = nutcrackers and she'd stuffed tissues in all of their mouths
She walks around singing, I really love our family!

We were talking to a stranger and she started a sentence with...
When I was a little boy...
I assured her she's always been a girl and her brother is a boy.
Pronouns are so confusing.

I was talking to her about a situation she was having with a friend.
She explained things and then said,
Mama, it was an impossible situation!

She locked our cat in the bathroom.
I didn't realize it for a while when he ran out as the door was opened.
I questioned her and she said,
Don't worry.  He was hibernating.

We were watching Notre Dame play and I told her to cheer for a first down.
She said, Okay.  Then let's cheer for a first UP!

We were riding the elevator at the library and she asks if we are going fast enough to break through the roof like they do in Willy Wonka.  I just laugh and remind her we are going down.  Maybe she's watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a few too many times??

Someone complimented her hair cut.
She said, Thanks.  My hair's name is Bob.
I told her that her haircut was called a bob.

She bent over to pick up something and said, Whoops!  I bonked my beard! when she hit her chin.

We were waiting in line to get her face painted at a party.  We'd be discussing her options and talking about what she might pick.  It's her turn and the girl asks her what she'd like painted on her face.  She responds to the girl by saying, Ummmm nothing.  My face is perfect! Then walks away.

One of her friends dressed up as Peter Pan for Halloween.  She's totally unfamiliar with Peter Pan and thought the kid said he was dressing up as "pee your pants".  She cracks up laughing and thought it was hilarious.  The kid was confused and I just had to laugh along with her.

What's your full name?
Olive Jordan.
What's your middle name?? (hint to her: kkkkkkkkk)
Kaaaaabooooey (the magic word on one of her cartoons)
Nope. It's Kate.

Excuse me, part me = excuse me, pardon me
scrap = scratch
marshall = commerial
woompa woompa = willy wonka
two nail = toe nail
pack pack = back pack
willn't = will not

She keeps us laughing!!

Here are a few of our favorite pictures:

Santa and I wear the same boots!!


  1. Awww, she is the cutest thing ever! I love that she said Santa should bring Fletcher hair. Ha ha!! Silly girl. Kids seriously say such silly things.

  2. Miss Olive is seriously the CUTEST 😊Love reading about all the silly things she says! What a precious little girl you have Whitney!

  3. She is SO sweet!!! I just want to tickle her! Is that weird? That sounds kind of weird. I kind of like Olive Kaaaaboooey too. Oh! And Fletcher asking for hair, baha ha ha! She is such a hoot friend. I LOVE these posts.

  4. I must say you have made my day....I needed something to make me smile and this blog did just that. And the pictures warm my heart...I never tire of reading and seeing their daily doings whatever they may be..

  5. She is precious! I just want to squeeze her! Kids do say the funniest things!!

  6. I don't know how I came across your blog but I always enjoy reading it. Olive always makes my day! Today is no exception. My favorite is that her hair's name is bob! She is quite clever!

  7. Haha the first one cracked me up. My boys do that in the car too except they'll be talking to one another and when I say love you too, they're like Mom we were talking to brother. Love this post!

  8. My favorites are Fletcher asking Santa for hair and the Jesus will be sad. Too funny! I bet she does keep y'all laughing. Such a sweet funny gal!

  9. Those are too cute! 'My face is already perfect!' Oh she's got it down already.

  10. These are awesome. Same as above comment- 'my face is perfect' is the BEST! L's pronoun (mis)usage is the funniest right now and I love it. Things like "We go to us house now" hehe I need to do better at jotting down t he comments and stories, I've been slacking lately. Thanks for good laughs (thanks Olive!) and thanks mama for the inspiration!

  11. Ah yay! These are some of my favorite posts!!!

    I just found a few Abigailisms in my notes folder just today and was CRACKING UP. I should see if I can compile an entire post like you did.

    This is totally the stuff you never want to forget! :)

  12. My hair's name is Bob! Best thing ever! She is a riot!


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