Monday, January 23, 2017


I always enjoy reading confession posts so I have some good stories for you today... Like the fact that I recently realized I had 13,000 pictures on my phone and it was time to clean house.  Basically I take a lot of pictures, upload them twice a week and never delete them off my phone.  Problem solved and I'm down to 5,000.

Our latest well check where the doctor walked in
and Olive shouted "Fletcher is going first!"
because she thought we were there for shots.
Sweet big sister moment #not

1. Kangaroo Pouches:
Kevin told me the other day:
I finally know why mama kangaroos have pouches.  I bet Fletcher wishes you had a pouch to carry him in all day long.  He'd be so happy to be so close to you all day long.

2. Messy Moment:
We were at Jimmy Johns having lunch over Christmas break.  We'd been shopping that morning and were ready to eat.  Fletcher was a little fussy when we sat down so we gave him a bottle.  He wanted out of his car seat so Kevin passed him over to me.  A few seconds later he made a funny face and then fire hose barfed all over me and behind us.  My jacket was covered, my diaper bag had to be wiped out and then my hubby and MIL did some serious mopping behind me.  I felt terrible that Fletcher got sick, terrible that we made such a mess and so we hurried home to take it easy.  Being a parent in public is embarrassing sometimes.  Luckily, the restaurant was pretty empty and we didn't make too big of a scene.

3. Large Heads Run in the Family.
We went to a faculty party for Kevin's department.  It started at our kid's bedtimes so we knew we couldn't stay long.  I was filling our plates and holding Fletcher.  Someone came up to say hello and went on to say that "He has the largest baby head I've ever seen!"  I wasn't sure what to say so I said nothing and smiled.  She followed up that comment with, "Well, You have a very large head, too, so I guess that's where he gets it from."  What do you even say to that??  So I just smiled and walked away.

4. Bible Character Sighting:
We were doing our weekly grocery shopping and we were passing an older couple in the freezer aisle.  They were both bundled up shopping in their hats, scarves and coats.  Olive saw them and said, "Look, Mom!  There's Mary and Joseph!"  I guess she's still got Christmas and the manger on her brain.

5. Attracting Strangers?
I've been putting food out for a random cat that showed up on our patio.  Olive lovingly named her Rainbow.  She shows up every morning and peeks in my kitchen window to say hello.  She's pretty sweet and is warming up.  Well apparently word has gotten out that I'm a sucker for feeding cats.  Kevin came home the other night and there were THREE cats on our patio, then there was a late night cat hissing fight over food and we had a raccoon peeking in our window a different night.  Kevin says I should knock it off, but I'm kind of enjoying the animal visitors.  Minus the opossum that came wandering through our backyard before Christmas.

6. Green Apple Skittles.
Green Skittles are now green apple flavored instead of lime and I LOVE THEM!  Normally red and purple are my favorite, but green is taking the lead.  Have you tried them yet??

7. Coffee Cups Anonymous:
I am almost 100% done unpacking boxes from our move.  I'm trying to find homes for things and reorganize our bonus room.  I ended up with three misc kitchen boxes and was shocked to see that two of them were full of coffee cups!!  My husband collects coffee cups and always picks them up when we travel to new places.  I sorted them into categories, need to find some new storage containers and will just have to rotate them out every so often.  I gently suggested we should maybe purge our collection.  Kevin said he was not interested in throwing out all those memories.  Guess we're keeping them.

8. January Christmas Ornaments:
I never got around to making salt dough ornaments at Christmas.  I really wanted to document Fletcher's little hand and foot print so we just made them last week.  Don't tell him that his special first Christmas ornaments were actually made a month late.  He'll never know - right??

Tell me a good story in the comments :)


  1. OMG. I am dying over the "large head" comment!! The things people feel comfortable saying! Ha! Marshall puked all over me yesterday in church...luckily I was knealt down and was able to discreetly clean him and myself up with a million baby wipes. Ha! Gotta love the glam life that being a mommy is!!💗

  2. I can't believe the "large head" comment! oh my gosh!
    Poor Fletcher! It can be rough going out in public with kids sometimes!
    Oh I so wished I had a kangaroo pouch when my kids were babies! It would have been great to still use both hands while holding them! HA
    Have a great Monday!

  3. Are you kidding me?!!? LARGE HEAD! I would have been so snappy with her! I too have a large head and James has a smaller one so Connor's is truly just right. I often worried about giving my child a larger doom :)

    1. Stephanie, see my story below...I am snappy too. LOL.

  4. I love that you feed stray cats! I feed our neighbor's neglected pets. If I see a stray cat while I'm driving through a neighborhood, I'll slow down, roll down the window and then tell the kitty to be careful and not get run over. Am I a crazy cat lady or what?

    And that large head comment - people just do not think, do they? Paul and I stopped by his work the other day and I just waited in the front of the store while he did a few things. The girls in the back were shocked that he didn't introduce me to them. Later he told me they all couldn't stop talking about how short I was. He said, "That's why I didn't introduce you to them. I knew they'd say that to your face and there's no telling what you would have said back to them." LOL he's so right. I don't take that kind of rudeness well! :)

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  5. Geez, some people can be so rude. I think you did good in just smiling and walking away. :) I'll have to try those new skittles!

  6. I can't believe someone said that about having big heads - they need a filter! And yes, I too am a HUGE fan of the green apple skittles!

  7. I love confession posts like this. I did a very open-heart post the other day titled "Reflections and Fashions", I'd love for you to read it and see what you think.

    I too have had a messy moment or two when Vivian was a baby or a small toddler. I get it 100%.

    And OMG I love green apples so I am all over those Skittles. And I too should be part of Coffee Mug Anonymous because I cannot stop buying them lol. I bought two adorable Valentine ones at the dollar store, the other day.

    The large head comment was so uncalled for. People need to bite their tongues, sometimes.

  8. It is Kindness Week at school and we are having lots of fun with it. Today is crazy sock day so I have some fun green and white socks that do not match my outfit. The kids are also being so kind. One class this morning brought me a donut and coffee. I've also gotten many thank yous and sweet cards.

  9. The barf.... oh no!!! And I really don't like the green apple skittles! Lime was my fave!!!

  10. Oh man. Kids CAN be so embarrassing. I honestly was mad that the lime skittles are green apple. I'm just not a fan of change I guess.


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