Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Super Soup Recipes

Winter just seems like the perfect time for soup.  It seems like so many people are fighting germs right now so a big bowl of soup sounds good at any meal.  I've been craving some so I thought I'd share my favorite soups with you today.  I make them all regularly and they've easily become family favorites.

I grew up eating chili with noodles in it and my husband did not.  He convinced me that real chili is noodle free.  So I asked his mom for her recipe, made a few changes to it and came up with our version of the PERFECT bowl of chili (plus all the toppings!!)

My secret for a delicious bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup is a bag of FROZEN noodles!

If you're craving some delicious Italian, but want something that is much easier to throw together than layers and layers of lasagna this soup is for you!!  It tastes just like a delicious plate of lasagna, but Lasagna Soup is so much easier to fix.

If you want to include your kids in all of the soup fun this time of year, give them a bag of 15 bean Soup mix, kitchen utensils and have them make their own Pretend Soup Fun.  My toddler had SO MUCH fun making her own pretend soup!

I gathered some delicious soup recipes from my friends in case you were needing some more soup inspiration today.  They all sound soooooo good!!

Stephanie @ Wife Mommy Me:

Whitney @ Come Home for Comfort:
Weeknight Chicken Stew

Meghan @ The Adventure Starts Here:
Easy Mexican Tortilla Soup

Jess @ Sweet Little Ones

Elizabeth @ This Little Home of Mine

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  1. That's so funny about your chili debate! And I love your pretend soup for kids! Thanks for including my favorite soup recipe :)

  2. Thanks for the soup ideas! I think I'll make some shrimp gumbo.

  3. Lasagna soup?! Now that sounds like a soup my hubby would love. Out of all the recipes I have shared on the blog, I have never shared a soup recipe. Maybe 2017 will be the year.

  4. Lasagna soup?! That's the best idea ever. Thanks for the idea-- we might have to make that next week when our snow is supposed to come!

  5. Chili with noodles?! Gotta side with your hubby on this one. ;) The pretend soup for the kids is awesome as well. So many fun math/ fine motor skills activities you can do!!

  6. Those look and sound delicious! Love the pretend soup! Does Olive like the story Stone Soup?
    We are big soup eaters over here too. We eat it at least twice a week - I love how it stretches the food budget too :)

  7. I still need to make your chicken noodle soup. I should do that for the Super Bowl along with some "football" kind of snacks.

  8. I LOVE soup! Broccoli cheese soup, baked potato soup, and taco soup are my favorite. I think my favorite parts of these soups are the wonderful toppings. I've never heard of lasagna soup nor chili with noodles. Very interesting!

  9. I love love love soup! Thanks for sharing! Taco soup is my favorite with chicken noodle in close second!
    I have never heard of noodles in chili before~

  10. Lasagna soup! Sounds absolutely amazing!!!
    And I have never heard of noodles in chili, but I would bet it's good =)

  11. Noodles in chili, whaaaaaa?!?! haha That's a new one to me. Chili and loaded baked potato soup are family staples. Anthony's mom does lots of turkey or chicken and rice kind of soups and they're A's favorites. I like more "stuff" in mine- like taco/tortilla soups. I made the lasagna soup once and loved, canned soup award goes to Campbell's Tomato Bisque, and I'm a sucker for Panera broccoli and cheese everytime.

  12. OH, YUM! I was just flipping through some soup recipes this evening so I'll have to add a couple of these into my rotation for winter.

  13. What yummy recipes!!! My kids are so picky and are not big soup eaters- but I am thinking they might love that lasagna soup! The noodles are so fun!! And oh my goodness- but mom ever with letting Olive make her OWN soup!! You seriously do the cutest things with her!!

  14. I love this round up! I need to make soup more often. Thanks for the ideas!


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