Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year!!
I love starting a new year with a new planner, blank calendar and new goals.  My husband gives me a new planner every year and it's my very favorite gift.  It's nothing fancy, but I love the Gallery Leather planners with gold edges from TJ Maxx, Marshalls or a bookstore.  He picks out a different color for me every year and then writes a new year's message on the inside cover.  He picked out a purple one for me this year and I found this beautiful Secret Garden blog planner from Orange Circle Studio.  Both came from Marshalls this year for under $15.  What a deal!!

What type of planner do you use?  Paper or a planner app on your phone?
We are a house divided.  I'm a paper planner girl and Kevin has his on his phone.

Whitney's 8 Goals for the New Year:

1. Bible, Church God.
Work on reading devotionals regularly, participate in a 365 Bible reading challenge at home and resume our church search.  I feel like these areas have fallen by the wayside lately with having a new baby, moving to a new city and not having a regular church to attend.

2. Walk
Go on walks as much as possible with the kids to get exercise.  They love riding in the stroller so it's going to be my goal to get them out for some fresh air and sunshine as many days as possible this year.

3. Use my real camera regularly and print pictures.  
I have a very nice Nikon camera and it's gotten a little dusty.  I have it charged, in a spot where I see it often and hope to snap a few pictures of the kids each week with it.  I used to be really good at printing pictures, but not anymore.  I print them when I need them and then the rest live on my computer.  I want to have current pictures hanging in our home.  Make some easy photo books for the kids to flip through and not stress about scrapbooking.

4. Read for fun.
I did a great job of reading books that I enjoy in 2016 so I want to keep it up.  I'm even thinking of starting a book club with my friends.  I got Grace, Not Perfection for Christmas and am ready to dive in.

5. Marriage matters.  
Plan regular date nights, schedule babysitters, do date nights at home and plan special things for Kevin and I to enjoy together.  This area has been neglected a bit with having two kids and trying to juggling life with littles and establishing a new career for Kevin.

6. House projects.
We have a long list of things to work through this year - hanging pictures, hanging curtains, window treatments, landscaping, cleaning out our garage, decorating, etc.  It's exciting to think about the fun things want to do at our house.

7. Save money.
I am no longer bringing home a pay check as a SAHM, but that doesn't mean I can't save my family money.  I plan to keep using my deal saving apps, thrifting, shopping at TJ Maxx instead of high end stores and saving money on things we buy all the time.  I will not be extreme couponing, going nuts buying sale items and such, just looking for easy ways to save a little money here and there.

8. Blog.
I love this little blog and it really is my favorite hobby.  I love writing, taking pictures and planning new content to share.  THANK YOU for reading, commenting and enjoying my blog.  I plan to blog 4-5 days a week, link up with my favorite ladies all year, reply to comments via email and I am excited for a new year of blogging.

Are we working on any of the same goals?
What are priorities to you in the new year??

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  1. Great goals!! I definitely want to do monthly date nights with my hubby. We deserve the time just the two of us and we rarely take it. Gotta get that accomplished!

  2. Monthly date nights are a goal for me this year too! And I love that floral planner!!!

  3. Love your goals Whitney! My husband also get me a new planner every year for Christmas and I so look forward to it!! Share some similar goals-I am looking forward to an awesome year!!

  4. Love your goals for the year Whitney! I'm excited for a new year of blogging as well and I'm up-ing the number of books I read in the year because I feel like I can attain that goal.
    Thank you for hosting!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams 

  5. Your goals are very much similar to mine. I want to enjoy life more this year. Not that I didn't last year but with less stress. But I'm sure that's the case with everyone? More fun, less stress!

  6. I forgot that Kevin gets you a planner. That is so cool! How did you guys start that tradition? Love it.

    I'm trying to get up the nerve to share my goals on my blog - it's not that they are ground breaking or anything, ha! You and I share some similar ones. Keep me posted on your church hunt. I don't think I told you we switched again. We are at a pretty small church now (instead of a mega church) and I love it. Now to get involved... ;)

    Happy New Year, friend!

  7. Paper planners all the way. I love how you mention saving money for your family. I feel like I do the very same thing. Anyway that I can save us money is less money that we spend and that is always worth a little extra work.

  8. Those are some good plans and goals for 2017, Whitney. A brand-new planner or pretty journal always keeps me motivated and even more excited for a New Year also. And how cool that your husband gets you one, each year!

    Happy 2017!

  9. Love your goals!!
    I'm a planner girl all the way! Would be lost with out it!!

  10. These are all great goals! Finding a church is one of mine, as is reading the Bible!!

  11. I am totally a paper planner. My coworkers always laugh because whenever I get an Outlook invite for a meeting I immediately take out my paper planner and put it in there! Awesome goals! I plan to walk and read more too! Happy new year!

  12. I love your goals - and that planner - AHHHH!!! I think it's so thoughtful how your hubby writes a note in yours before giving it to you. Sounds like he's a keeper!

  13. Love your goals! I just got a new bible with my new last name and it has in the back a 365 day read which I have done so far. I love planners, but fail to keep up with them! I think the date night thing is awesome. I hope that is something I can do as we start our marriage off. Good luck this year!

  14. These are great goals! I'm working on walking more, too, though it will probably be on the treadmill at the Y during the cold months! Russ and I share a google calendar on our phones, but I also like to use a paper planner, too, especially for blogging!


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