Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Hershey Icing

 I wanted to share my favorite icing recipe with you today.
It's so easy and really tasty.

Break apart a Hershey bar,
melt it in a plastic bag,
cut the tip off the bag 
and then squirt the icing on top of a pan of brownies.

It's so good!!

If you like more icing than just a drizzle, you could put Hershey bar pieces on top of warm brownies, let them melt and then smear it around.  Just add a scoop of ice cream and it'll be delicious.


  1. Oh you don't know the monster you just created...brownies for dinner tonight! Lol

  2. Yum! Do you melt it in the microwave?

  3. Well now, that's easy!!! I need to remember this! I've been known to keep a bottle of chocolate syrup in the fridge for icing emergencies, but this is so simple!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  4. Oh my gosh! I never would have thought about that! I bet it is so good on top of brownies. Between this and the nachos post, I'm hungry! And its only 10 am.

  5. I like to squirt Hershey syrup in the brownie batter. They finally wised up and put packets of syrup in with the mix.


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