Saturday, November 23, 2013

Indiana Highs and Lows

We went on a fun road trip to Indiana two weeks ago and had a great time.  It went by too fast like always but we were glad that we could come in town.  I thought I'd share my highs and lows of the trip.

Low: We got in town at midnight.  Olive slept most of the 7 hour drive and didn't want to go back to sleep when we arrived.  This is us at 2:30am... she cried from 1:30-2ish, smiled and babbled for about 45 minutes and then finally fell asleep after I rocked her for another 30 minutes.  Traveling is new and exciting but we all needed our sleep.

High: The weather was perfect!!  The trees were beautiful and we were able to be outside a lot.  Kevin went golfing with his dad and we went for a few walks.  My parent's dog, Maxx, enjoyed the weather too.

High: Olive enjoyed seeing tons of family but she finally crashed at our 3rd or 4th event of the day.  Luckily, she napped in her car seat.  She smiled and wanted to watch everything that was going on so I know she was exhausted late in the day.  We had a family birthday party on Kevin's side and then watched the Notre Dame game with Kevin's parents.

High: Olive adjusted pretty easily to our new set up and enjoyed snuggling in bed with us.  She seemed to love the quilt my grandma made us for a wedding gift.  PS My parents have kept my room just like it was in high school so we stay in The Pink Room when we come in town.

 High: We had a little photo shoot after church on Sunday.  Olive looked adorable in a hand-me-down outfit from one of her cousins and she was extra smiley.

 High: The whole family go together for a delicious birthday dinner in my honor.

 High: The weather was great for our drive back to Arkansas.  It makes such a big difference because the trip has take us 8+ hours in the pouring rain so we are really thankful for clear skies and a trip that takes less than 7 hours.  Olive did great in the car and we had tons of toys to occupy her when she was awake.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed your trip! Just happy you weren't here last weekend with all the storms/tornados! Super scary!

    Olive's Notre Dame outfit is adorable! :)


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