Monday, September 18, 2023

Hot Hawaiian Roll Italian Subs

I saw this yummy Hawaiian Roll sandwich recipe floating around on social media and I couldn't wait to try it for my family!  It looked like something we'd enjoy.  I personalized it a bit so I'll give you the recipe that worked for us.  Kevin said they were delicious and I agree!  They'd be perfect for an easy dinner or a yummy game day food.

I served sandwiches with a little veggie tray and our favorite potato chips for an easy family dinner.

Prep the lettuce topping ahead of time.  You just need finely shredded lettuce, a spoonful of chopped pepperoncini peppers, a spoonful of chopped dill pickles, a spoonful of finely chopped red onion, salt and pepper and a generous sprinkle of Deli dressing.  You can also add mayo to your salad if you are a mayo loving family.  My crew is divided on mayo so I left it out.  Stir until well combined and refrigerate.  You could easily leave out any of the peppers or onions if you weren't a fan.

This deli dressing was a little hard to find.  I had to go to our local grocery store and it was about $5.  A little goes a long way so it'll last for a long time.

Sandwich ingredients:

1 package of Hawaiian Rolls sliced in half

Spread a layer of mayo on the buns and bake them for 7-8 minutes at 350 to toast them.  My mayo hating family had no idea it was toasted on the buns.  It just added flavor and helped the bread to toast up.

Heat the meat in a skillet:

I did thinly sliced turkey, ham and turkey pepperoni.  Slice it all really tiny and slightly brown it in a skillet.

Top the toasted bread with provolone cheese and then the meat.  Put the tops of the buns back on and bake it again until the cheese is melted.  I'd say it was another 8-10 minutes.

Most recipes like this call for a thick buttery layer to be brushed on top of the buns.  BUT my family doesn't love buttery, gooey foods so I skipped this step.

And the sandwiches were delicious!  So if you've ever shied away from one of these Hawaiian Roll sandwich recipes because of that buttery mixture, just skip it!  The rolls are sweet enough on their own.

Take a big serrated knife and cut apart all the sandwiches.  Let everyone grab their sandwich and build their own sandwich plate.  I liked the lettuce mix on top of mine and Kevin ate it on the side.  A perk of leaving the lettuce separate is that you can reheat the sandwiches no problem.  They're delicious leftover.

I can't wait to make these again for game days and carry in meals.

Have you ever made a version of these Hawaiian Roll Hot Sandwiches?

Tell me about your favorite combo!


  1. These look AMAZING! I do make a version but we’ve had them so many times I think it would be fun to switch up the ingredients! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Do you think deli dressing is similar to Italian dressing?


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