Wednesday, September 20, 2023

4 Things

I thought it was about time I do a little fun fact update for everyone.

Just like any family, we've got good things and hard things going on right now.  

But today I'm going to share the highlights for each of us!

Olive // 5th Grade

1. She's making all As and really proud of it.  She has an amazing teacher this year and it's showing.  She's eager to work hard and learn lots.  And choir starts really soon!

2. Preteen youth group is so much fun.  She's hooked.

3. We're on the hunt for cute, comfy pants for her for Fall.  We've been scoping out options online and she's keeping an eye on the 5th grade girl fashion.  Send me all your recommendations because we're hoping to go pants shopping soon.

4. All her dreams came true this month when I surprised her with a Stanley of her own!  Apparently, all the 5th grade girls have one :)  I remember paying attention to things like that when I was her age (think Guess jeans and anything from Benetton!).

Fletcher // 2nd Grade

1. He's making all As and nothing makes him happier than bringing home a stack As on his tests and quizzes at the end of the week.  It's fun to see him working so hard and have such neat handwriting.  His teacher says he's perfect and the model student.

2. If you need Fletcher, you'll probably find him biking, fishing, metal detecting or talking about the kind of car he's going to drive some day.  A truck or a jeep are on the top of his wish list right now.

3. Several of our neighbors have cute little dogs.  Fletcher has been working hard to face his fear of dogs and be friendly to these pups. I'm so proud of him.  He still tenses up and stays far away from larger dogs like the one that attacked him a few years ago.  But he's making progress little by little and we're so happy for him.

4. If you need someone to help you create an Amazon wish list, he's your guy.  He's got several running wish lists and loves browsing for things to add to them.

Leo // Age 3

1. Leo loves story time.  We've been going every week and he participates a little more every week.  It's a highlight of both of our weeks.

2. He's learning so much so fast.  He's memorizing books, counting, singing songs again and again and it's really cute.  He'll come home from church singing a song and it'll stick with him all week.

3. Anytime I walk out in a dress or Kevin in a suit jacket - Leo was gasp and say YOU SO PRETTY!  It's super sweet.  And in very typical toddler fashion, you follow up his nice comment by giving him a big kiss.  He'll say YUCK and wipe it off.  Toddlers are funny!

4. He's working hard to get Alexa to listen to him.  He loves to say Alexa, turn it up!  Or Alexa, play Morgan Wallen!


Kevin //

1. His first semester of his Clinical Psychology program is off to a good start.  He's busy and it's exciting to see all the things he's planned come together.

2. Football is life.  His fantasy football teams are up and running.  Notre Dame is WINNING and life is good.  We have a big game this weekend and he's pumped.

3. He's been taking Fletcher fishing a lot and it's been fun for both of them.  We have several lakes nearby to fish at so they're always strategizing the best lures and spots to fish.

4. It's fire pit season and he couldn't be happier.  He's the one who got the ball rolling to get our fire pit designed and installed last November.  So it's really fun to have it done and ready to enjoy this Fall and Winter.

Whitney //

1. I got asked to be the social media coordinator for a mom's group I'm in and I'm thrilled!  I'm excited to help their social media grow and be more engaging this year.

2. I've been working hard to be really mindful of my spending and shopping.  It's so easy to pop in a store and browse and shop during the day.  But we have plenty of stuff and I really only want to buy things we need or things that I love.  I've been decluttering like crazy.  Throwing away, donating and consigning.  It feels so good to be really selective about what comes in and really eager to get rid of things.  Less shopping and less stuff will hopefully result in saving money and having more money to put towards other things.  And honestly it just feels good to see our cabinets and closets have more breathing room and empty spaces.

3. My Dad and I have been working on some plans for a new house project.  He was here measuring and designing with me last week.  Stay tuned...

4. I've been watching some good shows -

Kevin and I are still watching and loving Chicago Fire.  I never expected to love a fire fighter show so much.  The characters are all perfectly cast and perfectly captivating.  We're hooked.

Quarterbacks on Netflix - so interesting!  They follow 3 quarterbacks - Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota - and share their different experiences during the 2022 season.  It was only 8 episodes and I was wishing for more.

I finished The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and was sad to see it end.  It felt abrupt after all those seasons.

Blue Zones - fascinating research on areas of the world where the population lives into their 100s.  I loved learning about each different community.

I'm hoping to catch up on Virgin River soon!  But I'd really love to hear your show recommendations!

Hope you have a great day!


  1. Whitney, I am pre teen ignorant. What is a Stanley?.Behind times grandma.

    1. Hi Grandma! A Stanley is a big insulated drinking cup. Olive is holder her purple Stanley in the picture. They're really popular right now :)

  2. SO true about the good and the hard always being together. We have some scary medical stuff going on with a child but we've also had some many good memories as summer turns into fall. It's part of being an adult and a mom to learn to enjoy the sunshine despite the shadows, right? Easier said than done sometimes! I love your positive outlooks!

  3. I am dreading looking for pants for Ella this Fall and Winter! Her waist is so small and her legs are so long!

  4. I think Stanleys must be the new Hydroflasks. Or Yetis?


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