Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Exercising Made Easy

I'm so happy to be able to say that I've gotten into an exercise routine that feels EASY.


Let me explain.

Kevin surprised me with a treadmill for Mother's Day.  He knew I really missed having an easy workout option to do with the kids around and when the weather wasn't great.  Our treadmill didn't survive our last move.  We put our new treadmill in our office and we have both enjoyed using it so much.  I've been pretty consistent with exercising since May, but I feel like I really hit my stride in July.  I've been looking forward to my exercise routine every day since July.

Here's my routine:

1. I write exercise on my daily to do list.  And I love crossing things off my to do list.  This helps me get past not being in the mood to exercise.  It's a daily task that I just do almost every single day.  I'm not crazy about it - if I don't feel good or if we're busy - I'll skip.  But I really enjoy working this into my day.  

2. I also track my workouts - just a quick note in my planner so I can see progress.  I feel proud when I look back and my exercising track record.  Yay for taking good care of myself!  I'm also competitive with myself and like to beat my exercise minutes from week to week.  

3. I change into work out clothes.  Put my hair up.

4. Surround myself with toys in the office that Leo loves and that he only plays with when I exercise.  When I change my clothes, he now yells LET'S GO EXERCISE!!  He knows the drill.  If I exercise with the kids home, I either have them all play upstairs while I get in my exercise or tag team with Kevin and let him know that he's solo parenting while I run upstairs.

5. Fan + treadmill is the perfect combo.  I love a fan blowing right next to the treadmill.  It keeps me from getting to sweaty in the middle of the day.

6. I exercise for 30-45 minutes every day.  I exercise at a different time almost every day.  I just try to work it into my day when my big kids are at school.  I don't set my workout minutes ahead of time.  I just see how the workout goes.  If Leo is playing great and we're in a good groove, I'll exercise as long as he'll allow.  If it's hard or if I'm feeling run down, then we'll do a quick 30 and move on.

7. Find something fun to do while you exercise.  I'll check social media, listen to a great play list, reply to messages or emails, send friends texts or make some to do lists on my phone.  This might be a good time for a podcast or listening to a book, but I haven't gotten into a great routine with either of those.

8.  Cool down in my work out clothes.  Then change.  Freshen up my hair and make up and get busy on my next to dos.  Then later in the day we'll go on a family walk or bike rides.

What's your exercise routine right now?

Let this be your nudge to figure out your favorite way to exercise every day.

If you need someone to encourage you with daily movement, I really enjoy following @nursekatejohnson - she's a mom of 3 littles and she is really encouraging about movement and healthy eating.  I love that her meal ideas are all real food.  No complicated recipes.  Just real food.  You'll love her!


  1. Great Tips! I have finally started making exercise a priority again!

  2. I have never really enjoyed exercising. I mean, when I was a late teenager & in my early twenties I loved rollerblading and would rollerblade 12-24 miles every day in the summer , but it's been a good 25 years since I've done that consistently. I've joined gyms, had a trainer, got a Peloton...none of it helped me get into a consistent routine. We got a dog who loves her daily walks, so we've all been taking turns walking the dog, so that helped. A few months ago I got a new job that is very physically demanding. I've lost 45+ lbs by "working out" at my job for 40+ hours a week. Who knew that getting paid to "workout" and doing it sooooo much would really jump start my weight loss.

  3. It has taken me awhile to get into a routine after our newest baby-- I'm only a couple months into one and he's 14 months, haha! I love going for walks but with 4 kids now I can't always get a great pace and we end up going to the park etc. So I try to go on a walk by myself a couple nights a week after my husband is home but his schedule is sporadic and includes travel, so that has been tricky too! I recently subscribed to a Catholic fitness program with online videos and I LOVE it!! It's called Pietra Fitness and includes cardio, stretching, and strength. They pray before and after every workout and include scripture and spiritual readings at times. It is SO good and I've started doing a workout during the baby's nap while my other kids play or watch a show. I have never been a workout type person-- I always preferred walking or biking or just being active-- so this is a new venture for me and it just feels like the right fit with the spiritual perspective of it...a reminder to care for our bodies because they are good and temples of the Holy Spirit, rather than the obsessive feel other workout videos sometimes have.


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