Friday, September 22, 2023

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope you've had a good week.  We had a great week here!

Did you catch my blog posts this week?

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Now on to the highlights of our week!

1. Lucky

I'm on a hot streak!  I've won 3 different giveaways recently.  The door prize at Bible study, a Wal-Mart gift bag at grocery pick up and a big giveaway box filled with goodies from an Instagram giveaway that Lauren Bown was doing.  It's been so fun!  I should probably go buy a lottery ticket :)

2. Teacher Treats

Have you thanked a teacher lately?  Well, you should!  Write them a note, send a complimentary email to their principal or send them in a little treat.  It'll mean the world to them.  I stayed up late baking these cookies for the kids to take to school yesterday.

3. School Lunch

I got to go to school and have lunch with Olive and Fletcher!  It was really special.  They love the extra attention, their favorite foods and they were excited to get PRIME to drink for lunch.  Plus it's fun to wave hello to their friends, chat with their teachers and be with them in their element.

4. Chasing Rainbows

You know I love a rainbow and I got to see several this week.  Leo thought it was hilarious to have a rainbow on his foot.  Then we got a surprise pop up rain and rainbow last weekend.  It was beautiful and a sweet reminder of God's promises for us.

5. Butterflies

The butterflies have been loving our garden this month!  They are attracted to the fruit in our compost and all the flowers in the garden.  It's so much fun to just sit and watch them come and go.

6. Fighting over Leo

I hope that Leo knows how loved he is.  The kids regularly fight over who gets to snuggle him.  And thankfully he is usually happy to snuggle everyone.  It's good to be the baby.

7. Simple Routines

I've been taking Olive and Fletcher to Sams with me on the weekends and it's become a favorite routine.  The store is crowded, but it's really fun to get to shop with them and stroll a bit.  Plus they love picking out some snacks and foods for the week.  Fletcher is working on his cart driving skills and Olive is just excited to shop.

8. Big breakfast

These two love a big breakfast on the weekends.  French toast sticks, bagels, pancakes and cinnamon rolls - YES.  They're up for all of it.

9 // Nana

Kevin's sweet Nana turned 87 this week and she hosted her own birthday gathering for family.  She cooked and was the perfect host.  We adore Nana and aspire to be hosting our own parties and loving life just like her when we're well into our 80s.  She's the sweetest and just loved being surrounded by family.  The kids helped me put together a beautiful bouquet for her.

10.  Gone Fishing

If you need Fletcher, you better check the garage or the lake.  He's either prepping to fish or gone fishing.  He loves for Kevin to take him fishing after dinner.  We all rushed over to see his catches this week.  Kevin's a trooper helping him with all the fishing gear and I have been helping by adding fishing necessities to my grocery pick up orders :)  Team work!

We get the best sunsets and I love looking out the front door to see them while the boys are fishing.

11. Birthdays

Our cute cousin Krissy turned 11 this week and we had fun celebrating her!  The menu was yummy and my sister always makes show stopper cakes.

12. Growing

Olive's getting taller and working hard to reach her big goal of passing up Mimi!  My mom is 5ft tall and Olive can't wait to be taller than Mimi :)

 I hope you have a wonderful weekend!  I'll see you back here on Monday.

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  1. I enjoyed reading your post - you have a lovely family. What a beautiful sunset view!


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