Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Life with Leo: Cute Chaos

Leo is just a little over 2 and he's so so busy.  He keeps us on our toes.  He keeps us laughing and cleaning up messes all of his waking hours.  I know this stage won't last forever so I try to snap pictures of the chaos.  Laugh instead of cry - right!?!

We jokingly call him The Mayor.  He loves to talk to everyone.  People always comment on his sweet smile, friendly demeanor and big brown eyes.  If people don't make eye contact with him he loudly says SAY HI until they say hi.  He recognizes people's vehicles and expects them to be with their car at all times.  He waves bye and smiles at anyone coming and going at stores.  He hates messes and trash and points them out everywhere we go.  He would prefer that we pick up every piece of trash we see.

He has a uniform - comfy clothes (a few 4Ts and mostly 5Ts these days!), a hat, Crocs and cars in his hand.  He won't leave the house without that combo.  He weighs 48lbs and my shoulders and elbows scream at me when I carry him around too much.

Leo is learning new things every day and has realized he can have access to all kind of new things when he carries a kitchen bar stool around with him.   He still naps and sleeps great every night. 

He sits down and pats the spot next to him to invite you to sit down by him.  Everyone in our family says that Leo is their favorite.  He's so squishy and lovable.  He still loves to snuggle every morning and his favorite words are:

Mom & Dad

Sis & Fuff = Fletcher

Duck & Woose = Goose

Mimi & Papaw


Dat = Hat


Uck = yuck


What is this?

Hi & Bye

Blub Blub = Shower

Nummy Nummy = That's delicious!  I want more ASAP.

All sorts of animal noises

Leo is making progress in being nicer to the cats.  He's carrying them better even though they'd probably prefer not to be carried at all.

I walked into the kitchen to find him sitting in the sink watching Cocomelon.  Never a dull moment.

More kitty progress.  I found him gently petting them and driving cars on them while they enjoyed laying in the sunshine.  This feels like a big milestone.

Leo thinks its his job to empty the Keurig pods.  He can't be trusted around them because he likes to dig out the coffee grounds, but he's very proud of being able to remove the used pods.

Further proof that #wildmanleo is the perfect hashtag for this wild guy! We sure do love him!


  1. What brand are your purple slide sandals? They are so cute!

    1. Thank you. They're from Target! Shade & Shore brand. I think they run big so size down. I love mine!

  2. We wondered about your purple sandals too! They are Havalah’s signature color! Leo is just so cute! Loved reading this fun update on him :)

  3. Haha! What a cute kid, dragging a bar stool around for easy access to everything and "gently" driving cars on the cats. So funny!


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