Tuesday, June 28, 2022

It's Never Too Late for a Summer Bucket List

Have you made a Summer Bucket List with your family?

I had envisioned sitting down with the kids the first week of Summer to make our Summer Bucket List, but that just never happened.  We have been doing lots of fun things in June and I'm feeling a little sad that Summer is flying by so quickly.  I knew that having a list would ensure that we do a big variety of things that everyone wanted to do this Summer.  We sat down together over the weekend to write out our hopes and dreams for a fun Summer.

It was fun combining a mix of all of our favorite things - free things, fun things, local things, short trips, long trips, at home activities, inside/outside activities, adventures, family and friends.  We hung our list on the garage door to keep us accountable.

2022 Summer Bucket List:

Wish us luck for a happy Summer!

If you haven't done a Summer Bucket List with your kids - it's never too late - write one out this week and enjoy crossing things off your to do list while the weather stays hot.


Throwback to our 2021 Summer List:

We started earlier and had a longer list last year.  We like this format - makers and a big piece of paper - the kids say all of their requests and I write them down.  We lived in a different city totally clueless that we'd be in a new home/new city the following Summer.  It's WILD how much life can change in a year.

 Happy Summer!!

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  1. What a great idea! I bet the kids will love taking turns checking things off!! Love this idea so much! Have a great week!


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