Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday Faves

Happy Friday!  Hope you've had a wonderful week.  I'm excited to be wrapping up January.  It felt like a l-o-n-g first month of the year.  Bring on all the hearts and love for February. 

We got SNOW in Indiana this week.  Normally we've had a big snow or two by this time of the year and this year the snow has missed us.  The kids got home from school on Wednesday and the snow started.  We ended up with a couple of inches and it was lovely!  It was even enough for a snow day from school.  Yay!  We maybe even get some more snow this weekend.

Let me tell you all about my faves from the week!

1. Snowman for Breakfast

The kids loved making their own snowmen for breakfast.  Look at that cute bacon scarf!

2.  SNOW!

We all loved playing in it and it was so pretty.  The big kids were totally bundled up and this was Leo's first snow to play in.  I'd say he's a fan as long as we keep the sled moving and don't ask him to sit still for too long.

Snow Day 1:

Fletcher in 2016 & Leo in 2021.  Cutest little snow bears!

Leo loved crawling around in the snow!  He would have loved it even more if it wasn't snowing in his eyes.  We just couldn't wait to get out and play.

Snow Day 2:

We layered up a little more and enjoyed the sunshine.

3. Chick-Fil-A date

Fletcher and I went through the drive thru and grabbed some chicken minis for breakfast one day this week.  It was so fun and delicious.  Don't you love when you've got reward points built up for free stuff!?!  He loved sitting up front with me.  I'm trying to soak up all the sweet moments of having him home before he heads off to kindergarten in the Fall.

4. Penny & Pearl

The kittens had some procedures done this week so we worked extra hard to take good care of them.  They got tons of pampering and loads of love.  They were so happy to be home and extra purry.

5. Silly Safari.

We went with some friends to a Silly Safari brunch at our country club.  The food was delicious and the kids got to see some really cool animals.  They didn't hesitate to pet any of them.  The host was really funny and silly.

6. Captain Chaos

Leo is into everything!  He's dumping baskets of toys and emptying drawers any chance he gets.

7. Playgrounds

I've been trying hard to bundle everyone up and go to the playgrounds year round.  We went to one of our favorites with a couple of friends.  It was lots of fun!

8. Mom & Me

Fletcher has been sad at school drop off several mornings lately.  I hate dropping him off like that, but every day at pick up he tells me he had a GREAT DAY!  And his teachers assure me that he perks up once he gets to his classroom.  He told me that when he missed me, he just turns over his work paper and draws a picture of "Me and Mommy".  He's so sweet!


I'm looking forward to a fun weekend at home with no big plans :

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  1. Aw, that is so sweet about Fletcher with the Mommy and Me drawing. It will really be a big change next year! The picture of him in the front seat reminded me of when Jack was just that age. He would sit in the front seat and we would read books while we waited in the carpool line for Grace to come out of school. Have a good weekend!

  2. Aww, what a nice week! So glad y’all got snow! That silly safari looks so fun - did you touch the snake too? Enjoy your weekend, friend!

  3. YAY for Snow!! We love a CFA date too!

  4. I always love your winter posts - I have such good memories from growing up in Indiana, playing in the snow while ALL bundled up. So glad you got a good snow and were all able to enjoy it! Chicken minis are always a good idea. Love the side by side pics of your baby boys in their snow gear! It looks like the kitties are recovering well - they are getting big so fast! <3


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