Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Aldi vs Walmart

I have a fun post for you today: Aldi vs Walmart.

I mentioned before that I'm focusing on lots of specific things this year and lowering our grocery bills is one of those.  I love Walmart grocery pick up for the convenience, but I know I could be saving more by shopping at Aldi.  Kroger, Meijer and a local grocery chain are the pricier shopping options in my city.  Walmart and Aldi are definitely more budget friendly.  We also have Sams.

Where do you do the bulk of your grocery shopping?

I ran into Aldi yesterday to do a quick restock of all of our favorite fresh produce.

I was interested to know how my Aldi bill of $46.47 would compare to Walmart.

I came home and plugged all of my items into a Walmart pick up order to see what the total would be.  My Walmart order totaled out to $60.22.  That's a savings of about $14 by going to Aldi instead of Walmart.  Yay!!  I know $14 isn't TONS, but if it's $14+ every week for a year, that would add up to a savings of $728+!!!  Yay!  And the savings would have been even more drastic if I'd been purchasing a full week's worth of groceries.

The side by side comparison of items and prices is really motivating for me to continue making Aldi part of my regular shopping routine again.

Where could you cut down your grocery budget each week?

Leo & Mom shopping for the family.  I try to do quick grocery runs and errands when the big kids are at school.  And yes, this is Leo's face anytime I am wearing a mask.  He hates them.  Won't smile or interact with anyone with a mask on.  Poor baby.  I can't wait until masks are just a distant memory.


Grocery Haul: Mostly produce.  The restaurant style tortilla chips are just $0.79 at my store right now!!  They're almost $4 a bag for Tostitos.  Ziploc bags are also so much cheaper at Aldi.  This box of 50 quart size bags was just $1.89.  That big bag of pears was marked down to $2.69

I tried these as a Lara Bar comparable option.  They are disgusting.  So dry.  Such an odd flavor.  Do not buy if you're hoping for them to taste anything like a delicious, chewy Lara Bar.  I'm returning these.

Another big money saver is baking items - flour, sugar, brown sugar, etc.  I really like the Aldi versions and stock up when I'm running low.  I made Kevin cinnamon rolls yesterday :)

And if you're new to Aldi, you can save big on cheese, produce, canned goods, pastas, meats, pouches of fruit, snacks, etc.  Yay for saving money!


  1. I agree! Just can’t beat Aldi. When we shop we go to Aldi first and then H‑E‑B second for the things Aldi doesn’t have. When we lived in Washington we loved Winco - did you have a winco in Utah? Their prices were also amazing, and their bulk foods section was the best I’ve ever seen. Haha 😆

  2. This is really interesting! I think that saving $14 is a big deal and is why I'm still an Aldi shopper too. :) Even with a small upcharge using Instacart, it's much cheaper to get all those things you mentioned instead of shopping my grocery store.

  3. I need to give our Aldi another try. They recently remodeled. I can't believe those price differences. Recently I was in Target to buy a gift. I went over to the grocery section to pick up a few things. I couldn't believe the prices. Target is definitely not for bargain shoppers anymore. (Many years ago, before Target became so popular, their prices were similar to WM!)

  4. I LOVE Aldi. I do not shop at Wal Mart because of their business practices. we just got a COSTCO in town, and it's AMAZING!!!!!

  5. I want to like Aldi, but I always struggle to find everything I need for my meal plan. And our Albertson's does a military discount once a month.

  6. I love Aldi; I just wish we had one closer! Any time I go to town I try and stock up on items there since it's cheap. We love the tortilla chips, grapes, blueberries, fruit snacks, baby fruit pouches (they have so many flavors), baking items, cheese, etc!


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