Wednesday, September 30, 2020

4 Fall Flower Tips

It's finally starting to feel like Fall in Indiana.  I've worn a jacket the past two days and there's a lovely chill in the air.  I am trying something new with my Fall flower pots this year.  It worked really well so I wanted to share my tips with you.  I'm obsessed with these Fall colors!!

1. Work with what you have leftover from Summer

My summer flower pots were looking a little sad after the hot heat in September.  I pulled out the dead plants and left the remaining ones that would work for Fall.  I kept the Sweet Potato Vines (although my squirrels ate most of them), Purple Heart Plant, Impatiens that went with my fall colors and Coleus varieties.  I also leave my ferns in their pots through Fall.  This will really cut down your cost of Fall flowers if you keep some of your Summer flowers around through Fall.

2. Buy a variety of Fall plants

I bought Mums in two colors, Ornamental Kale, and Celosia for my pots.  The more variety, the more interesting your pots will be to look at.

3.  Remember to Water

Don't let all of your hard work and money go to waste.  Remember to keep watering if you don't get much rain or if the soil looks dry.  The Coleus plants are great indicators of needing to water.  They get wilty and it's very obvious they're thirsty.

4. Stock up on Perennials

Now is a great time to buy those clearance perennials to build up your landscaping.  We got two plants marked way down to add to our front landscaping.  We're watering them really well so the roots will be established ASAP.  This is the perfect way to add to your landscaping and gardens on a budget.

*All of my Fall plants came from Lowes in case you're looking for similar plants.

Remove dead plants and see what is left:

Add in new Fall flowers.

I've always wanted to add in kale or cabbage to my Fall pots.  I love it!!

What have you planted for Fall?


  1. Great tips! I love what you planted! The cabbage in its own pot looks so nice! I’m still not totally used to planting for the seasons here. Now they’re pushing “fall” flowers which includes petunias, marigolds, and even geraniums. What?! Maybe that’s why my petunias and geraniums all died in May. Soooo...I’ve been writing down notes for what to plant when. I think winter planting starts late November-ish when I can finally put in the pretty kale, cabbage and some pansies. Looking forward to that!

  2. Great tips! I just threw all my summer plants and added Fall ferns and Mums! Easy!

  3. I love seeing your garden through the seasons! I want to plant some tomatoes and peppers next year.


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