Monday, September 21, 2020

Charcuterie Boards // Tips from a Pro

I've been making charcuterie boards for my family for almost two years now.  I love them.  They love them and my boards just keep getting better.  I am going to share my best tips with you today to help ensure that you've got the details to put together a really great board of your own.

I tried some new charcuterie ingredients and we had several yummy meals last week.  These boards have been really fun for game day, too.  I know people aren't tailgating for football season like they would normally, but you can definitely have an awesome game day party at home.


Board #1 //

My family loved the nectarine slices, cucumber spears, pickles, fancy salami slices, wheat crackers and the sharp white cheddar cheese.  I love boards like this with 20+ different things to try.

Lunch Board #2 //

Gab a little bit of this and that to snack on for lunch.

Board #3 //

Leftover Pizza & bread sticks + some fruits, veggies, cheese and Gardettos.  I love doing simple boards like this to use up leftovers.

Board #4 //

I love these little condiment cups for pickles, olives and mustard.  We enjoyed some kiwi, the kids tried and didn't care for Swiss cheese and we tried a new salami that we didn't love.  It was still fun to try a little bit of lots of things.

Our cute game day crew :)


I'm still in shock that I made this bread.  It felt very artisan and very fancy.

Pro Tips:

1. Splurge on the meat and cheese.

Do not buy cheap meat.  Go to the fancy meat section of the grocery store and buy nice salami or whatever meat you like.  Our favorites are pictured above - cheese from Aldi $3ish and Salami from Meijer for $6.99.  That's double the price from Aldi salami and less meat.  BUT this salami was so tasty.  Even if you just buy a little, it'll be worth it to have high quality meat.  I've had good luck finding great cheeses at Aldi for very affordable options.  But, meats are trickier.  The nicer meat options are pricier at the nicer grocery stores that offer a wider selection of meats.

2. Plan to eat Charcuterie Boards twice + some lunches the week you have it on your menu

In order to put together a really delicious board, you've got to have a wide variety of ingredients.  It's not super cheap, but if you plan to eat it several times throughout the week, it can be done affordably.  We have it for dinner two different times in one week and then I'll pack it in lunches.  That way we aren't wasting any of the yummy food.  Another idea that I've done before is to package up all the supplies for a charcuterie board and deliver it to a friend for dinner.

3. Splurge on delicious bread, in season fruits, etc.

Bonus if it's homemade bread.  My family is still obsessed with this 4 Ingredient Crusty Bread

4. If your board is on a Lazy Susan, your people will love it!

I have several wooden boards to hold my charcuterie ingredients.  Our favorite one is as giant circle that is on a Lazy Susan.  Everyone spins to get what they want.  I found a really great deal on mine at TJ Maxx.

5. Take Advantage of What's In Season or On Sale

Use in season fruit - nectarines or apples - and things that are on sale like crackers, cheeses or meats to build your board.  Carrots, cucumbers, grapes and bananas are pretty inexpensive year round.  Use those and then add in anything else that is on sale at your store that week.  It'll help you to save money on building your board and it will ensure you've got tasty ingredients.


What questions do you have for me about charcuterie boards?  I'd love to help them seem less intimidating for you!


  1. Your boards are beautiful! Thanks for all these helpful tips!

  2. These are all great! I helped make one for a recent bridal shower and it was a huge hit!

  3. I love your charcuterie boards. They always look so tasty!


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