Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Starting Something New

As you all know, life was challenging at our house in August.

At one point Kevin and I were both feeling down in the dumps about lots of different things and he made a suggestion.  He said something along the lines of... why don't we start a Thankful Journal?  Each day we can both write one thing we are thankful for, date it and then we can look back over the days and weeks to see the blessings instead of feeling discouraged.

I loved his idea.  We did something similar with a Bible study back around 2006, but I haven't done one since.  Now felt like the perfect time.  I immediately grabbed a blank journal I'd been saving for something special just like this.


We started on August 9th and have been going strong ever since.  You don't have to wait for the beginning of a new month, new year or new season.  Just start.

We each write our own entry for the day.  If we miss a day, we just do double time the next day.  We've talked about our Thankful Journal with the kids.  Include them in our thankful conversations.  The other day I traced all three of their hand prints for my entry.  There are no rules.  Just document one thing you're thankful for.  Once you get into the routine, you may find that it's hard to only list one thing.  That's a good perspective shift for me.  I know it's just been a few weeks, but our Thankful Journal has already been a blessing to us.  We'd highly recommend doing a Thankful Journal of your own if you could use a little 2020 pick me up.


  1. That's a wonderful idea! I love it - and such a pretty journal, too!

  2. LOVE it, Whitney! Thank you for such a great idea! I was really good about keeping a thankful journal up until a couple years ago and then it sort of fell off my radar. I think I will restart!


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