Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Santa Brunch

We've been going to brunch with Santa since 2015.  It's one of our favorite events at the country club.  We look forward to Santa and his reindeer coming for brunch all month long.

We made reservations with friends this year and it was so much fun!  Both kids rehearsed what they'd ask Santa for - LOL dolls & a Nerf gun.  Neither was scared.  They were both excited about everything (except wearing fancy clothes that weren't as soft as they'd hoped - ha!) and I'm convinced they'll only want to wear Crocs for the rest of their lives.

 The reindeer are always so cool!

Brunch is my favorite.  This is my mom plate... I'd already been through the line with both kids, Kevin was on cutting up food duty and then they were requesting refills of certain foods.  So I got my food + their refill requests.  It was all delicious.

 Cookie decorating time!  Fletcher didn't lick any knives this year so I'm calling it a win.

2 big kids + baby bump :)

Olive was very particular about how her cookies were decorated this year.  It's sweet to see her growing up and paying attention to details.

 Red & green family photo!

 Do you take your kids to see Santa every year?


  1. What a super fun family event! That’s so neat that your club does so many activities like this!!

  2. Sooo much fun! And real reindeer?! That's incredible!

  3. This looks like such a fun event! I had a laugh about F not licking the knife being a win! Did you see the Sat Night Live skit about children's clothing? Pretty funny, especially after you dress kids for church, pictures, etc. Love the red and green family picture. Regarding Santa, I have lots of pictures of Jack with Santa, but only one or two with Grace. She was always too timid!


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