Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Christmas Recap

We're halfway through Christmas break with the bulk of our holiday gatherings behind us.  Hooray!  It was all wonderful, but it's good to be home to enjoy some quiet days together.

Santa sent me a text on Dec 22 asking if it would be okay if he swung by our house early.  His sleigh was full and it would really help him out to come to our house a few days ahead of schedule.  The kids were thrilled.  We've done our Christmas on the 23rd for the past couple of years. It works great for our family especially given the fact that we always travel around Christmas.

I had my wrapping done ahead of time and then Kevin got busy building Olive' Barbie Majestic Mansion on our Christmas Eve.  Reviews warned it took 3-4 hours and they were right.  It took him 4 hours and put him going to bed at 2:30am.  Yikes!  Parenting struggle :)

The kids were thrilled with their gifts - LOLs and Nerf Guns from Santa and lots of other fun things from Mom and Dad.  They stayed in the pjs all day (except to get dressed for a bike ride thanks to the unseasonably warm days we had around Christmas) and played.

Kevin surprised me with a diamond tennis bracelet that is GORGEOUS (I was shocked and he really has great taste in diamonds!), some fun things for around the house and my beloved Gallery Leather planner.  I got Kevin the new Ember coffee cup from Starbucks with wifi temperature control, books, photo calendar and a few other favorite things.

We also celebrated our 16th engagement anniversary on Dec 24th!  Time flies :)

Letter to Santa, Christmas cookies, milk and reindeer food ready for Santa.

After midnight Dad duty.  I had to head to bed, but he kept building until he got it done.

Our Christmas morning!!

Christmas pjs, loads of smiles and a lazy day at home.

I'd never seen a tennis bracelet like this one.  Good job, Kevy!

I put my pom pom maker to good use.  My Christmas gifts turned out so cute.

Christmas magic!

We headed to celebrate with family on Christmas Eve.

We had 8 Christmasy events to attend along with a few other things we were hoping to do.  We split up our visit and stayed with both of our families.  We cheered on Notre Dame in their bowl game, made a few Target runs, made Christmas candy and played.  It was a great time.

I made my kid's favorite cookies to take to our gatherings.

Real Christmas Eve!

These River Stones were a HUGE hit!

Christmas dinner at my parent's house.

I was in charge of the Christmas charcuterie boards.  They turned out great!

My parent's house was all decked out for Christmas!  It looked so pretty.

My sis and bro :)

Christmas breakfast with friends.  It's so fun when your kids and your friend's kids become friends.

Go Irish!  Fun bowl game win :)

Can't wait to ring in the new year tonight!  Bring on a wonderful 2020!


  1. What an amazing Christmas y’all had!
    I love how you have formed your own family traditions at home and then so graciously travel to see family as well. It really seems like you have figured out the best of both worlds! And OMG… That bracelet is absolutely stunning! What a treasured gift that must be for you!💛

  2. Yes, I agree with Justine that you have made a great tradition in your own home and with family too. That bracelet! kevin has great taste. What a trooper he is for putting that barbie house together...dad of the year! Happy New Year!


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