Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Holiday Highlights

We have had a fun filled Christmasy week so far!  We went to Kevin's Christmas party, finished decorating our house, visited our local Mouse House, celebrated St Nick's Day (a day late) and got to go to a fun rock star themed birthday party.

I got my days mixed up and forgot to have the kids set out their shoes for St Nick to come on Thursday night.  I talked to Kevin about it and we decided to bump St Nick's Day back a day and celebrate it on Saturday instead.  I sometimes stress about silly things when in reality the actual celebration and fun (not the specific time/date) is most important.

We woke up and headed to our local Mouse House event early on Saturday morning.  It's a wonderful event that raises money for local scholarships for kids.  We saw LOTS of friends and had the best time.  The kids are at such a fun age to get out and do things.  They're such fun big kids.  

We got to meet a real reindeer.  The kids loved petting it and feeling the antlers.

 The mouse ears + mouse faces were adorable!!  We got to see a movie and eat popcorn.

Make reindeer food to leave out for the reindeer on Christmas Eve.  Thanks to a couple of sweet friends for taking our pictures :)

 This was our 3rd or 4th year going to see Mrs Mouse at Mouse House.  The kids LOVE her!

My friend Whitney throws the best parties.  Even Olive knows that Whitney's parties always have a theme and are going to be tons of fun.  We went to her daughter's rock star party on Saturday.  The kids loved the stage.  They played with inflatable instruments, sang karaoke, designed guitar pic necklaces and left with tattoos.  The chocolate fountain and seeing friends was the highlight for me!

My dessert dreams come true.


  1. Rockstar themed party is brilliant! High 5 to your friend! The mouse party looks so fun too. Your community does really cool events!

  2. Sooo adorable!!!! I love the baggies or reindeer food - my nieces and nephews all did those! Hugs to you!

  3. LOVE that y’all got meet a REAL reindeer!!!
    And a rockstar theme party?!? Thinking I need to suggest this theme for one my girls!!
    Love seeing how much fun y’all are having lately!!❤️🎄❤️

  4. A real reindeer- that's awesome!!


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