Monday, December 30, 2019

Baby #3: Weeks 19-23

Time for our monthly baby check in!  Everything is going smoothly and I'm feeling good.

Week 19: Nov 19
Baby boy is the size of a mango.

We flew to Florida for Thanksgiving break.  Travel was no problem and it was a great getaway.  All sweets and treats sound so good this week.

Week 20: Nov 26
Baby boy is the size of a sweet potato.

We headed out of town to celebrate Thanksgiving with family.  We had a nice time despite the big kids being sick.  I'm feeling very hungry all the time.  Still sleeping pretty great.  The kids come up and talk to my belly all the time.  They keep saying they just can't wait for him to come out and play!

Week 21: Dec 3
Baby boy is the size of a banana.

We picked out our Christmas tree and got the house all decked out for Christmas.  We hung up five stockings this year and added baby boy to our personalized ornament for 2019.  Everything looked great for me and for baby looked great at our regular appointment this week.  I'm bruising really easily, but nothing to be concerned about.

We had our in depth ultrasound at the Maternal Fetal Medicine office.  It took a long time, but was really cool.  We got to see baby boy in GREAT detail.  He looks perfect!  Zero concerns for him.  We also got to see a 3D image of him which was a first for any of our kids.  We confirmed he was a boy with his anatomy scan.  This was a highlight because he'd never cooperated during any of my previous ultrasounds for a gender reveal. The ultrasound tech kept commenting on how active he was.  He'd press his feet against the section they were scanning, moved his legs like he was running in my stomach and flip flopped all around.  It was hilarious. 

Another highlight was that the nurse couldn't figure out why I was there for an in depth appointment.  She kept asking me all these weird questions and then finally asked my age.  She was shocked to hear 38 and said she would have guessed upper 20s/early 30s.  I almost gave her a hug!  My blood pressure is still highish and baby is measuring big.  He's already in the 90th percentile so looks like we're going to have another big boy.

Week 22: Dec 10
Baby boy is the size of a red pepper.

We had tons of fun Christmas events this week.  I'm feeling good.  Wearing almost all maternity clothes at this point and starting to feel like it takes lots of effort to bend and pick things up off the floor.  All sweets, comfort foods and breakfast foods are sounding good to me.  Kevin got to feel the baby move this week.

Week 23: Dec 17
Baby boy is the size of a grapefruit.

Baby is moving a ton.  We were reading The Polar Express one night and my stomach started moving around like crazy.  The kids could see and feel their baby brother kicking.  It was so much fun!  My skin has been really dry, my hair is growing fast and I'm sleeping with some extra pillows.  Baby is growing very quickly and I'm so hungry 24/7.

Hoping and praying it's a quiet, calm next weeks until my next baby update!


  1. Love the kids holding the fruit the baby is the size of! What a cute idea!

  2. Love these updates!!!
    You look amazing and I can’t believe how fast time is flying!!


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