Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Christmas Home Tour

Welcome to our home! 

We decorated at about 50% this year.  I only pulled out a few tubs of decorations and it's been great.  We enjoyed decorating together, added a few new decorations and are really enjoying the holidays together.  This super short Christmas season seemed like the perfect time to scale back a bit.  I'm sure I'll be really thanking myself for this idea after Christmas when it comes time to put it all away.

Here's a tour of the Christmasy spots around our house this year.  I love traditional red and green for Christmas so you'll see a lot of color.  We got 6 inches of snow on Sunday/Monday.  I hope you enjoy a snowy tour of our house.

I added some lights to my favorite berry wreath this year!  I got this wreath from Hobby Lobby maybe 3 years ago.  I just love it on our bright blue door.

We have garland and warm white lights anywhere we could this year.

I love this sweet snow covered church that I found this year.

We picked out a real tree that ended up being smaller than our normal trees.  Olive had her heart set on it so the parents did the compromising.  We discovered a bird nest tucked away inside the tree when we got it home.  I've always heard that's a sign of good luck for the coming year!

We have a mix of photo ornaments, sentimental ones and bows/berries.

I always ask for a new personalized family ornament.  This cup of chocolate has the 5 of us on it!

I love how my Christmas mantle turned out this year!

Fun story: When I ordered these stockings back in 2016 I ordered FIVE of them. 

We only needed four at the time.  I knew I would never be able to order another one since they were from TJ Maxx.  It was my just in case we might ever need a 5th or need to replace one of them.  It makes me SO happy and thankful to see five stockings on our mantle this Christmas.  Olive thinks we need initials on them so I'll add that to my to buy list for next year.

On to the kitchen...
Gingerbread houses + metal houses.  I got out all of our bottle brush trees since they're my favorite and scattered them all over the house.

We hang our Christmas cards up when they arrive.  I love looking at them.  This photo is a better one with all of the colorful lights lit up on the houses.

This sweet bunny picture always hung in our house growing up.  My mom made it and I've always loved it.  I randomly asked my mom for it last year and she gave it to me.  It makes me smile every time I see it!

I've always wanted a Christmas tree in our playroom so we made it happen this year.  I intended to get a flocked tree, but we all fell in love with this silver tree.  It's so sparkly and pretty!  We have a quirky mix of ornaments and it might be my favorite tree!  The kids helped pick out all the accessories and decorate it.

Each kid has as 4ft tree in their bedrooms filled with their own ornaments.  They've also got some fun bottle brush trees.  We love decorating their bedrooms with some Christmas cheer.

We added some vintage big Christmas lights to our tiny new pine tree this year.  It looks so sweet and was just so pretty in the snow this week!


  1. I LOVE the way your house is decorated!!!
    So cozy, so festive and just absolutely what Christmas should “feel” like!!
    And I LOVE the story about you ordering 5 stockings!! God is so good and full of surprises!❤️❤️

  2. Your home is beautiful!! I’d love to see a close up of that bunny artwork - it looks precious!

  3. Your decorations are beautiful, and your home looks so cozy and inviting!

  4. It looks just as beautiful and festive as always - I love it! Knowing the way you plan ahead, I'm not surprised that you bought extra stockings...but that is such a sweet story and reminds me that God is always at work in our lives, even years before something is to happen. Merry Christmas! <3


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