Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Why I Quit Using Dry Shampoo

I've been using dry shampoo for so many years. 

My earliest blog post that talks about dry shampoo is from 2011.  It came in handy to extend days between hair washing and was something I loved for years.  Until recently when I started to rethink my hair routine.

I was noticing and getting really tired of dry shampoo build up on my scalp.  I'd notice build up along my part, my temples and basically anywhere I sprayed dry shampoo.

I tried different scalp cleansers and apple cider vinegar rinses to keep my scalp clean, but none of them did a great job ridding my scalp of build up from dry shampoo.

I also noticed that my hair wasn't responding as well as it did before to dry shampoo.  My hair was getting oiler faster, was having a harder time soaking in the white powdery finish of my dry shampoo and I was just annoyed in general with dry shampoo. 

I thought back to what I did before dry shampoo was a thing.

Insert: Baby Powder.

You sprinkle a tiny bit on your hair brush and brush it through you hair.  I don't brush it through the ends, just brush along the top and under side against my scalp.

I added a small container of baby powder to my grocery pick up order a few weeks ago.  I haven't looked back since.  It's my go to oily hair remedy now.  It leaves very little to no residue.  It fluffs up my hair each morning, eliminates oily areas and I'm actually able to go more days between washes than I was with dry shampoo.  Another bonus is that it is SO much cheaper than dry shampoo.

I thought I'd share my current line up of hair care favorites:
They're all products you can add to your grocery pick up or amazon orders.

Hair bio: I have naturally curly long hair. It's never been colored.  It's prone to be oily.  I wash it every 3 days or so depending on the time of year.  I wash it at night, always let it air dry for 2 hours, tidy up the curls/waves with a curling wand/flat iron, hair spray it and it lasts for 3-4 days.  Sometimes I'll touch up the curls as the days go by, but usually I style it with heat tools once and it lasts for several days.  I'll use baby powder on days 2-4 if needed.  This routine has worked great for me for years.

1. Baby Powder

2. Hair Spray - I rotate between the two depending on the season

3. Fructise Texture Tease Spray - great if my hair needs some volume and use in place of dry shampoo for volume.  I have not noticed this product leaving any residue on my scalp.

4. John Freida Freeze Ease Secret Weapon Touch Up Creme

5. Fantasia Frizz Buster and It's a 10 Miracle Serum - I rotate applying both of these to my hair before I wash it.  I try to leave it on my dry hair for 30+ minutes to soak in.  Then I wash it out in the shower.  The Frizz Buster is thicker, but I like both.  They last forever and are great to hydrate the middle to ends of your hair.

I don't have a shampoo that I'm currently LOVING to recommend. 

I love to hear about any hair products that you use and really enjoy.  Let me know if you give baby powder a try.  It's been a wonderful switch for me.


  1. It’s been years since I used baby powder as a dry shampoo. I’ll have to give it another go. I agree about the effectiveness of dry shampoo wearing off. Fun post!

  2. i can't brush my curly hair so I can't go the baby powder or dry shampoo route! BOO

  3. I love learning about your hair routine! I am definitely still on team dry shampoo. I should probably wash it more- but I am only washing my hair once a week- if I am lucky- 2 times a week. I recently picked up the batiste brunette dry shampoo and I like it! Apparently the holy grail is Living Proof- so when that goes on sale I will try that out!
    Your hair always looks so good- so what you are doing is working!!💛

  4. Interesting. I've never been able to get into dry shampoo. My hair is pretty fine, so I still look greasy by the end of the day when I have used it.


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