Thursday, November 21, 2019

Baby #3: Weeks 15-18

I wanted to squeeze in one bonus Thursday post this month about baby boy!  I've been trying to keep track of the fun weekly milestones and I wanted them to be documented on the blog in November.  Here's an update on the last four weeks of baby #3.

I've been sleeping pretty well (minus the nightmares and crazy dreams).  I dream that my teeth fall out regularly and everything seems so real that I have to think through things when I wake up in the morning.  My skin has been really dry.  Baby boy still moves a lot fluttering around all day long.  I've mostly graduated to maternity pants and a mix of maternity and regular tops.

My cravings have been comfort foods - mashed potatoes, dumplings, carbs, gravy, fried chicken, cheesy potatoes, roast, etc.  I've also been enjoying coffee, ice cream and gummy candies again.

Week 15: October 22
Baby is the size of a pear

The kids are getting excited to find out if the baby is a boy or girl.  Here's Olive's DIY gender reveal decoration :)

It's a BOY!

I'm feeling good and got to do some fun Halloween things this week.

Week 16: Oct 29
Baby is the size of an avocado

This week was a germy one.  Fletcher got a stomach bug and was out of commission for several days.  Kevin and I washed our hands like crazy and managed to avoid getting it ourselves.  Although we all seemed to have colds and no one felt great.  We cancelled a road trip to stay home and relax.  We hated missing out on the fun, but it was the best decision for all of us.  The Fall weather was just gorgeous.

Week 17: Nov 5
Baby is the size of an onion

I voted with my boys.

We did some furniture shopping for new beds for the kids.  They're campaigning hard for the triple bunk bed.

It snowed our first big snow of the season!  Olive was already out of school for the day so it worked out perfectly for us to stay home to be cozy and play in the snow.  Olive ended up with a stomach bug this week.  Thankfully it was short lived and no one else got sick.

Week 18: Nov 12
Baby boy is the size of a cucumber

Baby is growing and Kevin tells me that I can no longer pass as non-pregnant.  The bump is out there.  And it's true.  I can tell things are stretching while baby is growing.  People who don't know me well have started asking me about being pregnant.  My hips are bothering me so I know that things are shifting around.  I've started bumping into things with my baby bump.

The kids are so cute following along with the baby milestones and food sizes.  They ask questions about him, talk to my belly and are very curious about this whole baby business.  We're discussing baby names regularly, but have yet to all agree that we've found the one.

We got to celebrate my birthday, decorate the outside of the house with Christmas lights and enjoy a week of fun festivities.

 All is well with baby and mom!  I've got a few appointments coming up in December.


  1. This is such a special time for your family and I love that you're involving the kids every step of the way! Glad you are feeling well and that you and baby boy are happy and healthy! Fletcher is going to love to have a little brother to pal around with! So enjoying the updates! Have a wonderful day!

  2. I love the fruit and veggie photos with Fletcher and Olive!


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