Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Everyday Prayers from a Parent

We pray with our kids throughout the day and for them anytime they come to mind.  That's especially easy for school age kids.  So much of their school days are out of our control.  It's comforting for me to know and share with Olive that she's being prayed for even when we are not together.

I think our morning routine started when Olive started school.  I say a prayer on the way to school or in the carpool line.  We tell the kids we're praying for each other during the day.  We have regular conversations about praying for people in need.  We pray together at dinner and at bedtime.  As the kids are getting older, they're participating more actively in our family prayers.  It's so sweet to see them learning prayerful words, phrases and connecting real life to their prayer life.

One of my favorite parts of Olive's Sunday school class at church is that her teachers will offer to pray for the kids on Sunday.  The kids share prayer requests and then their teachers pray with them.  I love hearing what Olive asks her teachers to pray about.  Sometimes she surprises me!

There are a few things we pray for every day.  I'm sure this list will change a bit every year, but here's our list of things to pray for our little kids.

1. Be kind to others
2. Be a good friend and make good friends
3. Stay safe at school
4. That they feel hugs and kisses from home wherever they go
5. Always learning
6. Current happenings - projects, tests, activities, etc.
7. Pray for them to grow to love the Lord
8. Pray for their future jobs/careers
9. Pray for their future spouses
10. That the kids know we're always here to cheer them on

What things would you add to the list??

What prayers do you say for your own kids or kids that you love?


  1. This warms my heart so much! We are the same exact way. Mason and I pray every morning on the way to school. We pray for his day, for him to show kindness and spread the love of Jesus, for his teachers, for safety over his school, and often times we thrown in a prayer for good listening ears (Mason is more of a talker than a listener sometimes). Love this, friend!

  2. We pray for good, listening ears too. It's an area of struggle recently for our 3 year old twins. If we've had a difficult day together, we pray for patience, forgiveness and kind hearts. Somehow just those few moments of quiet talking with God together erase the day's frustrations. AND, they usually add Peppa Pig to the list, haha. So, I throw in a line of thanks for Peppa Pig and the joy her show brings us.


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