Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Amazon Lately

I don't know about you, but I've found so many good things on Amazon lately.

I've started my Christmas shopping, picked up some thing for myself for my birthday and just ended up ordering some random things that I loved.  My December Amazon post will include lots of gift ideas so stay tuned!

These are my favorite Amazon purchases:

1. Knotted Headbands $9.99
This trend is all over the place and has been since Summer.  They look great with your hair up or down (like in the picture above).  I like the idea of adding a fun accessory to my hair and couldn't beat the price point of this 10 pack.  I've kept some and gifted some to friends.  They seem to work well for heads of all sizes!  Yay!

2. Royal Hatchimals$14.99
If you have a kid that loves Hatchimals, you've got to put Royal Hatchimals on your radar for Christmas.  They're sparkly Hatchimals that come with interchangeable accessories.  Olive is obsessed.  She'll be getting some for Christmas for sure.

3. Pie Boxes $14.99
I am usually in charge of making pies for Thanksgiving family gatherings, but always struggle with transporting them.  That's going to change this year.  I ordered a set of pie boxes to help my pies be road ready for the holidays.  I can't wait!!

4. Thanksgiving Kid Books
I share all of our favorite Thanksgiving and thankful books at the end of this post.  We've been really enjoying them for our family book club time this month.

5. Remote Control Toy Car $15.95
Fletcher got this for Christmas last year and we've loved it so much that I just ordered another one to give to our nephew for his birthday this month.  It's really easy for little ones to drive and it has held up so well for a year of play.

6.Tortoise Shell Hoops $9.99
I love tortoise shell anything.  I've owned and loved these earrings since Summer.  I'd highly recommend them.  Wouldn't they make a great teacher gift, gift for a friend or gift for yourself!?!

What fun finds have you ordered from Amazon lately??


  1. Oh, that is a great price for 10 headbands. Adding that to my Amazon wish list right now.

  2. I might have to get those headbands for my girls for Christmas! So cute! Love those earrings too!

  3. Such great finds! I have had those earrings in my cart for a while! I need to just buy them!


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