Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Is this Flattering??

What do you think of that question?  Is this flattering??

Is it something you think about a lot when you get dressed??

The thought crosses my mind, but it's not something I dwell on.  I'd much rather wear clothes that feel good, are pretty and true to my style.  I don't think things always have to be flattering to be worn.  You should wear clothes you love instead of focusing so much on if they make you look as good/skinny/fit as possible.  Just a thought... wear what you love!!

Here are some of my favorite outfits lately:

1. Fall Floral
I picked up this double peplum Time and Tru top at Walmart for $9.96 a couple weeks ago!!  Isn't it so pretty?  I also got it in navy and white stripe.  It's the flowiest fabric with a cropped bell sleeve..  This outfit will be on repeat all Fall.

Also, I'm wearing ADVdesigns leather earrings in every outfit picture.  They're wonderful!  They are so light weight that you'll forget you're wearing them.  Seriously.  I love them.  I get compliments like crazy on them anytime I'm out and about.  I own several pairs and can't recommend them enough.  Here's the link to the etsy shop ADVdesigns.

I'm LOVING the floral dress options for girls at Old Navy.  Olive is obsessed with their Jersey Fit and Flare dresses.  They're currently on sale for $8.  We bought several last year and more this year.  They wash and wear really well.  Olive thinks they're comfy and cute.  Win-win.  I wish her dress came in my size.  The ladies version of this dress wasn't a style I wear.

Doesn't Fletcher look so handsome in chambray??  Love his Gymboree button down.

Can't leave Kevin out of the outfit fun.  Here he is happy to snap my outfit pictures :)

2. Kimonos
I'm still loving kimonos.  This one is from Matilda Jane.

3.  Sporty
I've been wearing yoga pants, basic tees and tennis shoes a lot lately.  It's my favorite workout outfit combo.  I need to upgrade my shoes because they're on their last leg.  Do you have a favorite brand of workout shoes??  Tell me all about them

4. Embroidered
These embroidered tops are so pretty!  They're really easy to wear.  Just add big earrings, flats and skinny jeans.  I have this Wal-Mart top in three different colors because it was just $7.78 at my stores.

What is an item that is in your closet that you have a hard time styling?? 

I'd love to put together some outfit ideas for you :)  I'm hoping to have some new denim options for you and some pretty layers for Fall in my next outfit post.


  1. I LOVE your style Whitney! I would describe it as FUN, classic and colorful💛
    My ADV designs earrings are my absolute favorite!!!
    I am going to send you a picture of my running shoes...they are the BEST!!
    Have a great day friend!💗

  2. True story I'm wearing the floral Time and Tru top today! I've paired it with khakis for work. I love it; however I can't cross my arms too well. I feel like the Hulk getting ready to burst through it! I still love it though. And I almost wore my gold earrings from ADV with it, but went with silver metal feathers instead! :) I'm on the hunt for some black and gray booties and dress pants that are short/cropped so I can wear the booties.

  3. Love your style! After many years of wearing inexpensive tennis shoes, I switched to Nike's. They really fit my foot well and I haven't had any of the foot issues I was experiencing with the cheap shoes. Great post!

  4. I will often get stuck in the “is it flattering” cycle. I absolutely agree that not every single thing has to be flattering, I don’t know why I let myself go down that road. Love all those tops! So glad it has cooled off enough to dress or fall. I am hoping we get there soon too!

  5. That floral top is super cute - just screams fall!

  6. Love your outfit posts, Whitney! We have similar styles and body shapes (and coloring!) so it's fun seeing what you put together!!

  7. I always love your looks. And yes, something has to be flattering or I feel uncomfortable in it. I love floral tops that give a lot of color and pattern to be paired with jeans and cute shoes.

  8. I love the outfits you styled! I also have a similiar body type as you. These are providing much inspiratio. Would love to see more outfit posts!

  9. That floral top is absolutely gorgeous! Those colors are so perfect for fall!


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