Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Fall Mums on a Budget

Every year I have good intentions to switch out my summer planters to Fall flowers, but this is the first year that it has actually happened.  I would always wait too late to buy mums and then talk myself out of spending the money on them.  Not this year!

I shopped early.  I went strolling through the garden center by myself last weekend.  It was so nice!!

I had plenty of time, didn't feel rushed and filled my cart up with beautiful plants.

I thought I'd share my tips with you in case you needed some Fall flower inspiration.

1. Shop ASAP for Fall flowers.  Don't be afraid to shop around for the best deals/flowers.
2. Do not buy the prettiest mums that are all bloomed out.  Buy the mums that have most of the flowers closed up waiting to bloom.  This means they'll be the prettiest when they bloom at  your house.
3. Buy a variety of flowers and greenery.
4.Don't forget to water

I checked out the Fall flowers at several spots before buying mine.  I didn't really intend to do this.  It just kind of happened when I didn't love what I saw.  My local garden center was too pricey.  Meijers flowers were all pretty, but most were already in full bloom.  Wal-Mart for the win!  Best prices.  Best mums with tons of buds on them.  My goal was to spend around $50 to update 9 flower pots for Fall.

This is my cart.  TONS of flowers for $50

2 tricolor mums (A local garden center was selling these for $20 and they were $10 at Walmart)
3 yellow mums
2 mini yellow mums
2 Dragon's Breath plants

I would have liked to add in a cabbage plant or two, but Walmart did not have any.  I opted to leave my sweet potato vines from Summer in the pots and not buy knew greenery. 

The process: Pick plants that look healthy and coordinate with your colors.  I opted to take out the lavender mums and go with more gold.

I like for my pots to look similar on each side of my garage and on each side of my porch.  Pick plants that look similar to help achieve this.  I couldn't get over this gorgeous Dragon's Breath plant.  The magenta color was STUNNING.  My kids thought it was a really funny name for a plant.

Ask for help.  My kids love to plant and water our flowers.  We all put on our gardening gloves.  They really enjoyed pulling out our summer flowers since I'd been telling them not to pick them for MONTHS.

Backyard: I love the bright green sweet potato vines with the mums.

See what I mean about finding mums with lots of buds?  That way they'll keep blooming for a long time at your house.

Tricolor mums by our garage.  I really love the mix.  It's something I haven't seen before this year in stores.

Front porch:
Dragon's breath and little mums with giant sweet potato vines.  I'll probably add some pumpkins when the weather finally cools off.

Are you working on Fall planters at your house??

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  1. Beautiful fall flowers! And such a deal for less than $50. Walmart shopping for the win!

  2. I've been on the lookout for tiny mum plants. I mean... TINY. I have something in mind but can't seem to find what I am looking for. I am going to check WalMart again this weekend.

  3. Tri color mums! Who knew!! All of a sudden I’m seeing them a lot online - but haven’t noticed them for sale. I LOVE them! I’ve got some red mums in pots, but that’s all I bought. I’m waiting for cooler temps so I can buy some falls flowers (around here that’ll be snap dragons or marigolds) to put in the ground to take us through winter. I’m excited to (hopefully) start working in that next month. Your pots are gorgeous!

  4. LOVE all of the mums and plants you picked out for the fall!!! The way your turquoise door pops against the green and reddish plants is PERFECTION!!! SO SO PRETTY!

  5. Love all your new plants. You did great for $50.


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