Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas at Our House

It's been so much fun decorating our house for Christmas this year.  It is our first Christmas here so it was great to be reunited with all of our decorations from storage and find the perfect spot for them.  It took us almost a week to get everything just right (decorating with two tiny helpers definitely slows down the process a bit), but we're done now and enjoying the twinkly lights.

If you showed up at our house right now we'd likely be playing a Christmas Pandora station or watching one of the many Christmas movies on our DVR.  We're loving Elf, Arthur's Christmas and the cartoon Christmas episodes.  Welcome to our house :)

We'll start with the family room.

We didn't buy much new decor this year and tried to use everything we had.

I bought a new set of stockings from TJ Maxx for my birthday so we'd all have matching ones.  We were due because I had singed all of our stockings when we lived in Mississippi and I tried to light our gas logs.  They were never the same.  Whoops. 
I love that our new stockings had green trees on them and GIANT pom poms.
And they were SUPER affordable.
I've collected green trees for years so I thought they were perfect together.

We also bought some new strands of lights because those things don't last long and we had several strings that needed replaced.

We decorated all of the trees a nap time during the week.
Olive really was a great helper.

 A few of our favorite ornaments:

 All of our kid friendly decorations are easily accessible to the kids.

 Our Playroom:

Our Kitchen / Dining Room:
I love getting a real tree every year because of all the extra branches you have to decorate with.  Kevin trimmed off a layer or two from the bottom of the tree and I ended up with three vases of lovely limbs + a tree for $35.  Great deal!

Fletcher's Tree:
His Santa hat topper looks perfect on top and we still have a few ornaments to make to celebrate his first Christmas.  We have several ornaments we'd like to make before Christmas - hand print, foot print, hospital ornament and some photo ornaments.  We used the blanket his Great Nana made him for his tree skirt.

Olive's Tree
She spotted a purple tree at Meijer when we were tree shopping for her and she had to have it.  She said it was beauuuuuuutiful and it would be perfect in her purple room.  I had envisioned buying her a green tree, but the purple looks perfect in her room.  We decorated it together and she loved hearing about where the ornaments came from.

Thanks for visiting!
What's your favorite part of decorating for Christmas?
I love getting out our ornaments every year or swapping out our regular dishes for Christmas ones.


  1. You have a beautiful home and your decorations are perfect. I love everything, especially that you had Elf on tv. Ha ha!! Love the stockings. That's my favorite part.

  2. Aaaahhhh it is so perfect! You pretty much have the perfect window for a tree (so jealous of that). I love all the decorative trees you have and the trees in the kids rooms are so sweet. Great job decorating this year!

  3. It all looks so perfect! Was that Fletcher book custom made or is that the real title? My favorite is the little people nativity set. I think it is really sweet that each kid has their own tree. It all looks so festive!

  4. Whitney, your house looks CHARMING! You have such a good eye for putting it all together! I adore your new stockings and green trees -- it all looks lovely!

  5. Everything looks beautiful! So fun and festive! I've become such a slacker in the decorating department. Between not having many surfaces to decorate and trying to keep things away from the reach of kiddos, I feel like I really only have decor in the living room with the tree and mantle and a few things here and there. In another home someday I hope to deck it out like you do! sigh. hah

  6. I love all of the trees on the mantel! We have the same Christmas countdown tree!

  7. I love love love your living room! It looks so cozy and inviting!

  8. Everything looks wonderful!! And this isn't Christmas related, but I love your drapes in your living room! They make such a statement!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  9. I love all the green! I think my favorite part of your decor has to be your collection of green trees on your mantle - they do look awesome with your new stockings. I also really love your green nutcrackers/Santa, the banner on the kitchen window and your plaid table. Your home looks so festive and cheery!!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  10. Ok, I am CRACKING UP at the stocking story!!!haha Whoops! Everything looks so pretty for the holidays!!! And we have that little robot on our tree too:)

  11. Everything looks absolutely WONDERFUL Whitney!! I am so happy that this is your first Christmas in your new home...SO special!! I LOVE your mantle- your collection of green trees is PERFECT!

  12. Your house is darling & looks so festive! I love your mantle!

  13. Everything looks so good! I have to keep reminding myself that we're just starting out and not to buy everything at takes a while to build a décor stockpile. I have a few things, but I didn't put everything up because of the wedding.

  14. I just realized this is your first Christmas in your new home! I hope it provides you with many memories! What a fun way to spend Fletcher's first Christmas.


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