Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Life Lately

Things are slowly, but surely settling down at our house.  We're figuring out life with two kids little by little and trying to get some sleep.  Kevin's still working full time trying to wrap up the semester and we're enjoying family visitors coming through town.  Olive is doing really well and still holds the title for being the most well rested person in our house.  We try to sneak in naps when we can and it feels like I won the lottery if both kids nap at the same time!
This week has been filled with highs and lows so let me share a little bit about life lately...

Daily Grind
We're spending a lot of time hanging out at home in our pjs.  The kids are often bathed and dressed and I'm the last to get it together.  I'm sure we'll figure out a good routine in the mornings, but for now we're taking it easy and not worrying about it.  I'm happy to have sweet baby snuggles while in my pjs.  I always buy new pjs for myself after I have a baby because I feel like it's a nice treat to have new pjs to lounge around in.

We did our first bit of post-baby baking.  Olive and I love baking together so we were both excited to get back in the swing of things.  We were both in our pjs, made a big mess together and had some delicious Chunky Monkey Bars to enjoy.  She is very curious about all of the baking vocabulary and learning the names of utensils and supplies.  I love teaching her these things.

Our cat, Oliver, has been sick off and on for about a month now.  He's required more attention, vet appointments, medicine and such in the last month than he has his entire 8 years of life.  We're hoping we have figured out his issues, have a good plan going forward and that he's on the mend.  It's tough to give your pets the same amount of attention as you did pre-kids, but we're trying hard to get him well.  I felt a bit like a 3 ring circus parading into the vets office with my whole crew.  Good thing the office staff were all super sweet and adored my entire entourage.  Here is Olive pretending to be a cat while we wait on the vet and Oliver scoping out the newest member of our family.
We had two drive through donut dates this week.  Olive was super helpful & a good listener on a few different errands so we celebrated with a special donut treat.  She was thrilled and it was a great way to celebrate her being such a great big sister. $0.75 VERY well spent!  The sweet donut shop ladies will even sprinkle donuts special for us if they're all out of sprinkle donuts.

The weather has been beautiful this week.  We've played outside and picked our share of flowers.  I put on my sunnies and Olive insisted she wear hers, too.  She said, "I be just like my Mama!"  Olive adores her little brother and has adjusted really well to life with another kiddo around.  The hardest days for her really were the days I was in the hospital.  I caught her singing lullabies to Fletcher when he was crying, bringing him his paci, asking to help me feed him and always saying "He's such a cutie!" or "Hey there little fella" or calling him "Baby Fletch".  I also gave Olive a haircut this week.  Her hair has been growing like crazy and we're loving her new bob.

Fletcher is a really great baby.  He cries when he's hungry, gets a little cranky late at night and is happy as a clam when we hold him.  His mohawk is coming in nicely, his hair is lighter and has a completely different texture than Olive's did.  He had a great follow up appointment for his lip/tongue tie lasering and should be healed up in a few weeks.  He joined the 10lb club this week at 10.1lbs so he is eating and growing like a champion.  He outgrew all of his newborn things this week and it was sad to pack that stuff up. Although he's thrilled to have bigger clothes to stretch out in now.  He's loving eating, sleeping, swinging, snuggling and being swaddled.  Little boys really are the sweetest!!

We spent some time at our new house this week.  My dad was in town to work for a few days so we had a picnic lunch out on the deck and are loving seeing all of our projects coming together.  Can't wait to move in :)
Our backyard:

My dad is in the middle of painting everything this perfect shade of gray.  It was a buttery yellow goldish color and the fresh coat of gray really updates the space.  Kevin's been working on the wood floors - cleaning and finishing them so everything is coming together nicely.  I can take zero credit for the projects that are getting accomplished.  However, I am the project planner - making lists, picking out paint colors and the guys are executing my ideas :)

Baby #2
It's funny how different thing are with a baby AND a toddler running around.  I have to be a bit of a baby body guard to ensure that Fletcher doesn't get squished or stepped on most days.  Olive loves him so much, but she's not always that gentle.  So tummy time comes with a body guard and I do my best to always keep an eye on both of them.
Fletcher seems to have skipped right over that floppy newborn stage of life.

Preppy popped collar :)

He's starting to stay awake more during the days and be less of a little night owl :)

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  1. Olives hair cut looks great! I was just thinking yesterday I wanted to get Krissy a summer bob! Fletcher's tummy time pics were adorable! I need to come visit again soon bc he's getting so big! Hope Oliver is still feeling better and doesn't require anymore vet visits. And the boys are doing a grrrreat job on the house! It will be nice to move into an updated space! I like your Tuesday updates :)

  2. Love seeing your update. This is our life too even down to the donuts. Emma slipped floppy newborn too. Maybe it's a survival thing to survive the crazy toddlers. What shade of grey is that? We're having our house painted soon too. I'm over the tan!

  3. I loved your update! You are taking everything with such stride! What a laid back Mama you are. Olive sounds like a Dream big sis, too:) I love seeing those sweet baby grins - what a handsome boy he is!

  4. Enjoyed reading your update. I'm not sure I've ever seen a picture of you in glasses. I think you look adorable in glasses! Well, you always look adorable :) I do think the glasses suit you well. Do you know what color the grey paint is? I'm on the hunt for some grey paint.

  5. So many changes and updates right now! Glad you're all starting to settle into a routine. Donuts are a favorite here too, and an easy treat :) Mommy doesn't mind! HUGS!!! Hope a nap is coming your way today!

  6. Baby body guard! Love it! You guys look like you're doing great!! I bet you are itching to get into your new house and get settled!

  7. Such a sweet time in your life! I'm about to have my second in June, so knowing that it's normal to stay in PJs for a while makes me feel a little better :) You're doing great, momma!

  8. So glad to hear you are all doing well!

    Loved the part about your baking with your daughter. So precious. :)

  9. Such a wonderful update. I am so happy everything is going so well, Whitney! You look beautiful and those babies are just too precious!!

    Oh and I'm the house plan designer and organizer too. I do basically zero percent of the work ;)

  10. Sounds like you have your groove! It is so refreshing to see a joyful mommy with two little ones!

  11. Olive seems like she's a great big sister! So sweet! It looks like you're starting to get the swing of things, and it will only get better as time goes on. :)

  12. I seriously can't take the baby cuteness Whitney, I think he is my favorite. You have two precious little ones that is for sure. Donut dates are always a favorite and baking time with Olive had to be fun. I love that shade of gray too! Can't wait to see more of the house!

  13. This certainly isn't a dull season of life for your family! Loving all the sweet baby pictures (those toes!) and Olive is rocking that bob haircut. I think that's the cutest look for toddlers! Poor Oliver, I hope for all your sakes that he is finally on the mend. Thanks for the life update!

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  14. Aww, Olive us such a good big sister, and Fletch is adorable. I hope Oliver is doing better!



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