Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday Talk: Catching Up

The past week has flown by.  We had my parents up to work on our new house, then Kevin's parents in town to visit and several appointments in between.  Kevin's super busy at work and we're all functioning on not quite enough sleep.  I'm trying to get back into the swing of things, but it's been tricky to figure out our new normal.  I am trying hard to take it easy and ease back into our routine.  That's easier said than done most days.  I forgot how often a baby needs to eat and how your schedule revolves around feeding/diapering/snuggling that tiny little person.  I'm sure we'll eventually nail this new routine, but 4 weeks into this two kid thing and it's safe to say we are hanging in there.

The best parts of our week were:

Fletcher outgrew all of his newborn sized clothing.  I washed and he's been wearing his 0-3 month outfits.  Won't be long before he outgrows those, too.  I always feel a twinge of sadness when it comes time to pack up a size of clothes and move into bigger ones.  It seems not to sting so bad once they're toddlers, but I know those tiny baby days really do fly by in the blink of an eye.

 He loves to hold on to you when you're snuggling him.
He holds onto my hair, my fingers and my shirt as he's falling asleep.

I catch her in the Rock-n-Play all the time.  Olive thinks it's so funny that she used to use this when she was a baby.  Fletcher sleeps in it now, but she's sure to snuggle in it regularly.

We graduated from sponge baths to sink baths and Olive was eager to help out.  Fletcher didn't mind the water and big sis loved scrubbing his toes, putting "sham-boo" on him and drying him off with his dragon towel.

My parents took vacation days to come up and help us with the house.  How great is that!?!?   The kids loved seeing their Mimi & Papaw, we loved seeing all of these projects getting done and appreciate living just two hours away from them. 

 My Mom & I snuck away one evening to do some shopping.  We had a great time and enjoyed hanging out together.

 We had a few evenings with a fussy baby so I broke out the Ergo, wore him and Olive worked on special projects.  We painted, played with playdoh and got out stickers.  She loved the activities and the extra attention.

I'll take all of the sleepy smiles :)

We ran errands and went to the grocery store for the first time this week.  We managed okay thanks to Dum-Dums and giant carts at Wal-Mart.  Fletcher sleeps through most things right now so it's hard to imagine them both being up and needing attention while I shop.  I may have to start grocery shopping solo when that time comes... kidding... kind of :)

 We're starting to introduce Fletcher to our favorite books.  Of course Olive is wearing a Sheriff Callie costume :)

 We had a funny toddler milestone this week.  Olive loves mexican food and we ate at our favorite spot with my parents.  She sat down, perused the menu and was ready to order when the waiter came.  He approached the table and without missing a beat she said,
"I want lemonade.  Chips and salsa and chicken and rice please"
then closed her menu.
She did order all of her favorites and it was funny that she figured out how to get them.

Fletcher's hair seems to be a lot lighter than Olive's and we love his mohawk.

 Kevin golfed with his dad and brother and then we had dinner at the country club.  It was Fletcher's first visit and Olive loves everyone that works there.  The food is always delicious so it was nice to have a great sit down meal.

The cats always go through an adjustment period when a new baby arrives and Topher is feeling extra needy.  He meows often, wants as much attention as possible and acts a fool if we have any guests over trying to get them to pay attention to him.  Oliver seems to be feeling better so all is almost right in the cat world :)

We received Baby Wren and The Great Gift to review this week and it's a darling book.  The illustrations are beautiful and I loved the story line.  It emphasizes the fact that everyone has unique and special gifts to share with the world.  Each animal has great things to share with the world and all of those special details make the world a better place.  My daughter loves the book and asks to read it often.  I appreciate the message celebrating individuality and promoting ways to be proud of all of your God given gifts.  It's a special book.
*I was gifted this book in exchange for an honest review on BookLookBloggers.

 So things overall are ADORABLE at my house right now.
We're all tired, the house isn't as tidy as I'd like, to do lists are being ignored, but we're soaking up these newborn snuggles and taking everything one day at a time.

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  1. I love reading these updates! Looks like you guys are doing well! I always had a hard time when they leave those tiny newborn clothes!

  2. I'm so glad you did a Fletcher update. I love seeing the pictures on Instagram but getting to see and hear more is always better. I'm glad everyone is adjusting well and it was super sweet of your parents to come and help y'all get things done. When do you think you will be moving into the new house? I know you are so ready to get settled.

  3. What a good update! He is a very sweet little baby :) I'm done with babies but I can tell you that I miss the sleepy smiles and the little noises they make when they sleep and eat. Soak it all up mama!

  4. I love everything in this post, I don't even know which part to comment on! :) So glad your families are close enough to pop down for a quick visit...I love those pictures of your parents with Olive and Fletcher. Major props for hitting Walmart with both kiddos. I'm sure you'll get the hang of shopping with both of them but it might take some logistics! :) Glad everyone is happy and doing well, kitties included! Peggy gets needy if we are gone a lot - this week I'm working a lot of hours and she's driving Paul crazy with her constant meowing. Bless.

    Whitney @ Come Home For Comfort

  5. So adorable! Trying to mentally prepare for that drastic schedule change for us in August!!

    What cloth baby carrier do you have in the picture? Is it an Ergobaby?

  6. I really can't get over just how STINKING cute Fletcher is!!! Such a precious baby!! And Olive looks like she is just totally soaking up life as a big sister! So fun your parents were up for a visit- you have to be getting so excited about moving into your new house!! Can't wait to see pictures of it!! :)

  7. I can't believe he's already out of newborn stuff. Didn't he just arrive like yesterday? Or so it seems. Oh, how the time flies. He is so presh, Whitney. Looks JUST like you!:)

  8. You're doing so so so amazing! Hang in there. Your groove will come!

    And seriously, could your kids be any CUTER. Answer: no.

  9. Love reading your updates and seeing how you guys are adjusting. Olive ordering her own meal reminded me of when my girl did that for the first time. She was very specific...hot dog, cold, no bun, cut up :) I had no idea where she got that. Apparently Nana provides cold hot dogs for lunch hahah.

  10. Love your update! I'm so glad to hear all is well. You are doing a great job of balancing a LOT of things! xoxo

  11. Love your update! I'm so glad to hear all is well. You are doing a great job of balancing a LOT of things! xoxo

  12. Aaawwww.... I look forward to these posts because I know the cuteness level is bound to be off the charts high. You are doing an amazing job Whitney.

  13. Awwwh!!! So cute!!! Sherriff Callie costumes are a must to wear it seems like. One time we went out for pizza and Peyton ordered for herself: Breadsticks, a Kel Bell pizza (pepperoni) and no guacamole. She's been to the Mexican restaurant a few too many times, but it was funny. Enjoy all those little snuggles you can get!!


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