Thursday, April 28, 2016

5 Fun Nursery Themes for Baby Boys

I never expected to be a mom to a baby boy. ALL of my friends had girls, so I guess that it was easier to plan baby girl things because I as used to them.  I had the perfect frilly nursery pieced together in my head.  When I found out we were having a boy, I still wanted to do something cute.

Here are some fun nursery ideas for baby boys!
1. Robot Nursery When we were picking out Kane's nursery theme, we decided on a robot theme because my husband works with computers and is fascinated by electronics.  Plus, it was something that we hadn't seen done before.  You can find the baby bots crib bedding here, and similar wall vinyls here, here, and here.

 2. Pirates Nursery Arrrgh!  Pirates make me think of Peter Pan and little boys in Neverland.  Walmart has some really cute and affordable pirate crib bedding and decor here.

3. Dinosaur Nursery I really wanted to do a dinosaur nursery for Kane, but the robots won out. Now I wish I would've, because he is absolutely obsessed. Here's a crib bedding set, but you can also get by with this fitted sheet or this one. And check out this cute dino decor from Target.

4. Where the Wild Things Are Nursery This is a great twist on the popular monster nursery theme.  I grew up loving the book "Where the Wild Things Are", and it would be the perfect nursery theme for your very own Max.

 5. Traditional Blue Nursery For those of you who aren't fans of themed nurseries, you can always go with a traditional blue nursery.  Whether you go with a baby blue, aqua, or navy, white and gray always make good color pairings.

Tif is a boy mom to Kane, a rambunctious two year old with an obsession for dinosaurs.  She's also an attorney and dedicated bargain hunter blogging about style, beauty, and life at Bright on a Budget.  Tif is one of the co-hosts of the High Five for Friday weekly linkup.  You can follow her on InstagramBloglovin', or GFC, or get to know her a little better here.



  1. I hadn't seen the robot nursery theme before--how fun!

  2. I love the robot theme. Very cute! I stressed so much about the nursery when I found out I was having a boy. I finally went with an alphabet theme (I'm a librarian so it just made sense). When we do the big boy room I'm think about trains or at least all things with wheels because he is obsessed. Thanks for sharing such cute ideas!

  3. What a great round up! A robot theme is so cute! We had gender neutral ones for the first two boys since we didn't know, but then went full out superhero for our last little man!

  4. We recently moved from nursery and we have a great blend of big boy (Marvel Hero) and big kid (keepsakes, books, a US map).

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