Monday, April 4, 2016

Boys Will Be Boys

Today I'm kicking off my first of many guest bloggers
in a series called Mom-Vice for the month of April.

  I've asked a handful of my favorite bloggers and friends to write about being a mom, life with boys and to share any tips or advice they have with you.  As you know I'm in the midst of those snuggly newborn days, busy moments chasing around a toddler and moving this month so I'm excited to sit back and let my friends share some great things with you.  I hope you make some new friends along the way.  I'll check in on Tuesdays with some photo highlight of the week.

Boys will be Boys

I was so flattered to be approached by Mrs. PolkaDottyPlace herself to write a blog post with insight into raising boys! I thought this could be fun, but hmmm what do I write about?   

My name is Kate and I live in Texas.  I have a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old boy and every day is a new challenge. Not because they are boys specifically, but because children in general are energetic, ever-changing, strong-willed little people. Every day is about creating some sense of regimen yet always trying new strategies to keep them entertained and of course behaved. I’m a strong believer that every child is different including personality, quirks, and needs. I suppose I was a believer that nurture had a little more pull over nature. That is why, when I was a newer mom, I was always so confused at the notion of “boys will be boys.” Usually I would hear people utter this phrase after a little boy would hit another child or demonstrate other aggressive/dangerous type behavior.  Why should boys get away with these behaviors just because they are boys? 

As I raised my son I tried to expose him to all sorts of activities, toys, and different children as possible. I worked hard to ensure that he was a nice balance of active toddler and little gentleman. We joined a MOMS club (which I highly recommend!) to expose us to diversity in personalities, parenting styles, and activities.  I also tried to let him dictate his own interests without being “pushed” into all the stereotypical “boy” things. He wants to dance. Sure! Play ball? Sure! Try on a friend’s princess dress? Sure (just don’t tell dad).  This seems to be working pretty well. Insert pat on the back.

That is what I thought then….. Of course now I know that there actually IS a real element of aggression and energy with boys (at least my boys). It didn’t happen right away. First it was a hitting phase.  Then it was a spitting phase. Then came the jumping and wrestling! Oh, the jumping!! Luckily, the hitting and spitting truly were phases, but the jumping and wrestling seems to be here to stay. Are these behaviors prevalent in my kids because they are boys? Who is to say? I have definitely seen my share of girls behave the EXACT same way.  

My advice to those expecting boys is to let them show YOU what kind of person they want to be and try to roll with it. Those “boy” traits will probably rear their head at you at some point, and when they do, give me a call. Maybe you can let me know how to keep my kids from jumping on the furniture!

My 4 year old and 2 year old boys keep me going throughout the day. Don’t you just wish you could harness even 10% of their energy?! We typically spend some part of our day out of the house, but most of our time is spent playing at home. Here is a quick list of activities that my boys and I just love:

1. Cook/Bake. If possible, I try to premeasure ingredients and get everything ready before they realize what I’m doing. However, they are usually on to me too quick for that. This is not the most relaxing activity, I will admit, but still super fun.

2. Read books. You can NEVER have too many books. Our list of favorites could go on and on. A couple current favs are Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss (Great book for kids working on sight words), There is No Place Like Space! By Tish Rabe,  any of the Brown Bear type books by Bill Martin Jr/Eric Carle, and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes adapted by Traci N. Todd.  Some all-time favorites include Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney, Down by the Cool of the Pool by Tony Mitton, and Fidgety Fish by Ruth Galloway. You can also never go wrong with any Sandra Boynton or Dr. Seuss

3. Dance Party. Pandora and YouTube are a must at our house. Sadly, they both know how to get on my phone and find the music they want. Why are kids so phone savy!? Favorite dance songs: The Gummy Bear Song by Gummibar, Gangnam Style by Psy, I like to Move It by Will I Am, and Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars
4. Coloring, Playdough, and Constructing. My 4 year old is especially interested in constructing masks, Buzz Lightyear wings, Spiderman spiderweb spray, or whatever other superhero themed ideas pop into that boy’s head. My 2 year old is more interested in coloring and play dough.

5.  Playing outside. This could involve going to the park, climbing trees, riding bikes, or swinging. Anything to get some of this energy out! 

 Boys or Girls, Kids are just plain FUN!


  1. Oh I loved this and your kids sound like my Jack. I'm such a nerdy person that I thought with all my nerdiness I could make him like me-ha. I couldn't wait to "play school" with him. I was so naive. Jack is rough and tough and takes no crap. I'm the complete opposite. I'm a single parent so I know it's not the dad influence. It's just ingrained in most boys. My nephew is so different. I'll borrow him when I want to do calm, sit down stuff.

  2. Thanks, that was so nice to hear since this was my first blogging experience!

  3. The energy is ridiculous isn't it?!?!? If only it could be harnessed. :). Thanks for sharing your boy experience!!!

  4. I love this advice - and think it will all work with my high energy 2.5 year old. Even though she's a girl - she's pretty wild as well!


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