Monday, September 14, 2015

Menu Monday

I thought I'd share a weekly menu with you this week.  I didn't quite have it ready to share with you in advance so this was our weekly menu from last week.  We typically eat out/get take out once or twice a week and then I cook the other nights.  When the weather is nice, Kevin will grill out which makes dinner prep so much easier for me.  I really enjoy cooking and love making food for my family.  I look forward to planning our meals and enjoy making things my family loves.  Hope you get some new ideas for dinner with your family from my menu.

Lenders Bagels w/ peanut butter or cream cheese
Cereal/Granola bars
Cinnamon Rolls - our favorite recipe

Loaded baked potato
mac & cheese
dinner leftovers
pb sandwiches
all with sides of fresh fruit and veggies

strawberries & whipped cream
apples & pb
Skinny Pop popcorn
Apple chips
yogurt + granola + fruit bowls

 Smoked Sausage, peppers & onions with Lemon Orzo and fruit
sautee the peppers & onions, fry the sausage combine
Cook 2 cups of orzo & zest one lemon + all the juice from the lemon
One of the tastiest dinners we had :)
*We LOVE Montreal Steak Seasoning so I was hoping we'd LOVE these sausages.
We did - they were really tasty*

 Ribeyes, homemade french fries & fruit
Potatoes were on super sale so I decided to make my own fries.  They're really easy and delicious.  Cut up one small potato per person and try to cut the wedges to be about the same size.  Rinse and sprinkle your favorite seasonings on them.  I used Freddy's Steakburger seasoning, but have also used Season salt.  Both were delicious.

 BLTs and raw veggies

Grilled BBQ chicken, sweet potatoes and strawberry salad

Grilled Chicken Pasta Bake
We ended up with left over grilled chicken so I sliced it up thinly and planned another meal with it.  I cooked my favorite radiatore noodles, stirred in pasta sauce until well coated and then sprinkled the grilled chicken on top.  Added more pasta sauce on top and then covered with mozzarella cheese.  Bake at 375 for 25 minutes and broil for a few more minutes to brown the cheese.  
 I served roasted veggies with it the first night.
 We had enough for leftovers 
so I served it with a tossed salad the 2nd night and added some more pasta sauce to the dish.

What are you planning to cook this week?

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  1. You just inspired me to put BLTs on the menu this week! I haven't had a BLT in ages!

  2. Yum! Everything looks delicious! I love seeing what sides people serve with their suppers - your strawberry salad and roasted veggies look so good.

  3. Is it that easy to make your own fries?! I have to try that soon. They'd be so good on the grill, too! Gotta take advantage of the guys helping with dinner while the weather still allows ;)

  4. Mmmm thanks for sharing you favorite cinnamon roll recipe with us. I am ALWAYS on the lookout for a new one to try.

  5. Thank you for the meal ideas! I'm in a cooking rut lately. Luckily we can still grill out which has been more newest cooking obsession. I love grilled veggies and I find I can get the little mister to eat them if they've been grilled so I need it to stay warm forever (and in Ohio that's not going to happen!).

  6. I love this! Thanks for sharing! I have been in a dinner rut lately and am wanting to get back on the wagon. How do you cook your sweet potatoes? They look delicious.

  7. Your meals always look so fabulous! Can we just move in??? I love how you incorporate so much fresh fruit and veggies.

  8. I love baked potatoes for lunch. I just always forget to buying the big baking potatoes at the grocery store, haha.


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