Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Southern Wedding

We got to attend the wedding of our friends in Kentucky this past weekend.  It was held at the bride's parent's farm in Kentucky and it was stunning.  I just love everything about a good Southern wedding.  We'd been looking forward to going for months.  We had a little reunion with several of our friends from Utah and were excited to spend the evening celebrating our friends Matt & Jenny.

We arrived early for the cocktail hour.
Enjoyed drinks, harp playing and checking out the grounds.
 Olive thought the harp was amazing.  She stood there just listening to him play.  When he finished a song, she'd clap and yell yay!  He seemed to appreciate his tiny cheerleader.
The twinkle lights, draped fabric and fresh flowers everywhere were quite a sight.

We got to visit with the groom.
He was Kevin's best friend in his program at Utah.
I loved all the guys in plaid bow ties.
 Olive gathered leaves, picked flowers and ran around playing super hero.  She had a blast until she got tripped up on the driveway and skinned her knee.  She recovered pretty quickly, but wanted to show everyone her ouchie.
A short storm unexpectedly blew in so we snapped a few pictures and then headed to their porch for shelter.  Olive kept running out to play in the rain and Kevin chased her around.  Luckily there were giant trees all around the house for them to hide under.

The festivities had a slight rain delay, but everything was back up and running after not too long.  Our hair got a little curlier as the evening went on and we had a great time.  I brought a bag full of snacks/toys/distractions for Olive and she did great.

 The ceremony was in the backyard.
I loved seeing the variety of bridesmaid's dresses.
The bride's brother did the ceremony.

 The tennis court was transformed into a beautiful reception site.
 The tables were so pretty!
Fresh flowers, sweet details and candles everywhere.
 Dinner didn't end up starting until 8:15.  We decided we'd stay as long as Olive could handle.  We took things a course at a time and she fell asleep in my lap after two courses, a few first dances and toasts later.  They served her gourmet mac & cheese along with some fancy applesauce.  Olive was convinced it wasn't her beloved orange mac & cheese so I happily ate it for her.  She wasn't a fan so I couldn't let it go to waste - right??  She was out cold shortly after that so we just visited with friends at our table and enjoyed our meal.  Everything was so fancy.  I loved seeing all the different courses come out.  We changed Olive into her pjs in the car and headed home. 
She was a pretty perfect wedding date.

We didn't get a picture with the bride and groom, but they were beautiful.  Olive told Jenny, the bride, that she liked her necklace and asked to touch it.  Kevin might be in trouble, because Olive can spot a diamond a mile away or in this case a diamond/emerald vintage necklace.  So happy to be a part of Matt & Jenny's special day!!


  1. What s beautiful wedding!! From the venue down to the placesettings. I love Olive's outfit!!


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