Thursday, September 24, 2015

You Made a Difference Thank You Notes

Remember when I said I loved Peyton Manning, 
well this story about him writing thank you notes sealed the deal for me.
He's one classy guy.

Click the link below to watch a clip about his thank you notes:

I'm working on a list of my favorite teachers and important people in my life right now.  I'd love to mail them a letter and tell them how special they were to me.  I loved most of my teachers in elementary school, but a few special ones stand out - 

Mrs. Rutherford - 1st grade - She helped convince me that it was okay to stay at school for the full day and loved on me even when I cried every day after lunch asking to go home.   She had special snacks for me, was kind to everyone and she loved pandas.  She handmade panda Christmas ornaments for each of her students that year.  I still have mine.

Mrs. Bennett - 3rd grade - went above and beyond to plan special activities for us and always taught with a giant smile.  We did all kind of fun projects, creative things and I vividly remember bringing her hot cinnamon rolls frequently because she thought my mom's were the best.

Mrs. Mand - jr. high math - taught math with a smile.  She drew pictures on our notes, made sure we drew pictures to help us remember and seemed to love teaching.  She was funny and I always enjoyed being in her classroom.

Mrs. Rowe - US History high school - she was by far the quirkiest, funniest teacher I ever had.  She had a love for US history and seemed to know everything there was about it.  She traveled, had great stories and was really entertaining.  She made you carry a musical hall pass if you ever had to leave her class.  The one at Christmas time was a giant tree that played loud Christmas carols.  

I had a great time in school and really loved learning.  I have more teachers than this to contact so I will have to narrow down my very favorites.  I send Christmas cards to several of them today and still keep in touch after all of our moves.

I actually ran into my 4th grade teacher on one of my recent trips home and I got so excited.  I followed her around Marshalls making sure it was her and I was beaming when I went up to reintroduce myself to her after all these years.  I was so happy to tell her about my life, my own teaching career and introduce her to my daughter.  She was like a celebrity to me.

I also have people who made an impact on my teaching career - administrators, teachers and friends - that I'll be including in my list of people to write letters to.  I have yet to decide the format, but I'm going to make a list and post it by my desk.  I'll write one letter at a time and work my way through the list.  No timeline set, but high quality letters filled with details of why these people are special to me are the guaranteed end result.

Who would you like to write a thank you note to today??


  1. What a wonderful idea! I definitely think sometimes a small, thoughtful and thankful note can make someone's day--love this idea and this post :)

  2. I am a big fan of snail mail thank you cards. I send them for everything. One, I love sending snail mail but two, I find value in truly being grateful and giving thanks.

  3. So sweet. Writing thank you letters is such a lost art and something I want my girls to be proficient at!

  4. As a teacher, I would just cry getting such a letter! My favorite teacher passed away, but I ran into him in Wal Mart once and made sure to tell him what an impact he had. I also wrote on his memorial page.

  5. My piano teachers had a tremendous impact on my life - I had one in elementary school, one in high school and one in college and I loved all of them! They were all kind, talented ladies who cared about me personally. I'm friends with two of them on Facebook and try to reach out to them every once and a while. Sending a Christmas card would be a great gesture - thanks for the idea!

  6. I love this idea! You have me thinking about all the people I need to thank!

  7. I actually have a whole stack to write. The touch of a handwritten note is hard to match.


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