Friday, September 18, 2015

The Highlights

Happy Friday!!  We had a nice week, enjoyed the glimpses of Fall with cooler weather and are looking forward to the weekend.  

The best parts of our week were:

1. We had a fun game day party at our house last week.  I pulled out my football dishes and my husband surprised me with Notre Dame plates and cups.  It was a fun get together with delicious food.  Kevin grilled brats, I fixed all the sides and Monster cookies.  Did you fix any game day food?

 2. I got to see the Pioneer Woman's line at Wal-Mart this week.  It's very Anthropologie-like for about a third of the price.  Have you seen it yet??  I'd like one of everything!!  It was all so pretty.  Olive wanted to touch every single piece and moo at the cow creamer.

 3. I found this felt pumpkin banner at Wal-Mart for under $3.  It's 6 ft long and is really cute.  I'd seen something similar at TJ Maxx, but it was around $15.  I also pulled out Olive's favorite Halloween books + potty books and devoted a whole shelf to them.  I love holiday themed things and it's fun to have her Halloween books in a special spot.  She usually clears the whole shelf and brings them to me to read.

 4. I bought ground chicken this week for our nacho dip and it was SO GOOD.  I've been swapping out ground beef with ground turkey, but my husband didn't love the turkey.  I picked up the ground chicken and we all loved it.  The texture is better than turkey and it was really tasty.  Do you ever cook with ground chicken?  I need to find some more recipes to try!

 5. We had a fun time going to play dates with new friends at the park and then my sister came in town for a quick visit.  Olive had a blast at the park and was excited to chase her new friends around.  I met some new moms so it was fun for both of us.  My sister stopped in for lunch at Panda Express and a house tour.  Her daughter an appointment nearby so we were excited to be a pit stop on their trip.  We had a nice visit and Olive keeps asking for them to come back.

Any fun plans for your weekend?  
We have a party to go to tonight, football to watch and are just planning to enjoy the weekend. 


  1. Y'all are just the cutest, I swear! I have not yet seen the PW collection in person, but it looks so cute in your photo. I had to laugh about Olive mooing because Camille would do the SAME thing. She's obsessed with cows now. She can't really moo though, it sounds more like Maaaoooooo!

  2. I always love fun football watch parties and it looks like you had the best decorations! also love the pumpkin banner!

  3. Now I want to go to Wal-Mart to look at the Pioneer Woman stuff! So cute!

  4. Thanks for the reminder to head to WalMart!!! I was ogling everything online, but have since forgotten that it's all at Walmart. YAY! It's so cute, isn't it?? And that pumpkin garland is super cute. I need to find that! I've been wanting to find a little pumpkin or leaf paper punch and kind of DIY my own with heavy cardstock... but that price is hard to beat! Have a great weekend, friend!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  5. Oh goodness I need to steer clear of Walmart. That could be BAD news for this girl. Everything looks so perfect.

    We are ground turkey lovers around here. I tried the chicken once and just didn't like it very much. It is funny how everyone has their own preferences isn't it.

    Have a GREAT weekend Whitney!

  6. I love that line at Target!! They do it again

  7. Having class on Saturday really puts a damper on my game day menu. Our NFL teams also warrant us going to a sports bar for Mac to watch the Redskins lose.

  8. That line is really cute at walmart, and so is the pumpkin banner! I have got to try ground chicken. Trader Joes makes a chili lime chicken burger that is great - but I don't eat much other ground chicken. Look at Olive on the big girl swing. Olivia forgets to hold on and usually face plants. But it doesn't stop her from insisting on using the big girl swing!


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