Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blogging Schedule

I often get questions about how I find time to blog, what my routine looks like and where do I get my ideas for blog posts.  I thought I'd tell you today!

1.  I write posts every few days unless I get busy and have to do it daily.  I schedule them to post twice a day if I do them in advance.  I started blogging once a day back in 2011 and then realized I had more to blog about so twice a day seems to work well for me right now.  If I'm going on vacation or heading out of town, I blog in advance.  I am an avid reader of blogs and nothing is worse than finding a blog you love and coming to realize that they post infrequently and don't update often.  I want to read new material every day so I figure many other people do too!

2. I take pictures all the time, am always looking on Pinterest or other blogs and usually come up with more things than I can possibly blog about.  I also take suggestions or use comments/questions for blog topics.  Plus I use recipes, cooking projects and DIYs for blog material.  I have had a few guest bloggers but usually I do my own posts.  My husband also helps a lot by taking my outfit pictures or putting up with my incessant picture taking.

3. I am constantly writing a list of potential blog topics or posts.  I have about 4 going right now and a few posts in the draft stages.  Sometimes it takes several sittings to get a post just right.

4. I'm always tweaking things and trying to improve my blog.  I set goals for myself and my blog and then work hard to make them happen.  There's always more I could be doing, writing about or doing to interact so I try really hard to be realistic.  I don't want to stress about blogging or to blog about boring things; blogging is a fun hobby and I try hard to keep it fun :)
5. I always blog from home and this is my view during most of my work sessions.
I'd imagine the captions would go something like this...
 Mom, are you looking at me!!
I'm feeling needy.
Keep up the good work, Mom.

 That title needs a little work, huh...
 Was that out loud?!?!
 Blogging is hard work.
 Lots of up keep and things to maintain.
 I think I need a nap after all that writing.
 Thanks for reading!!

Here are all the things that often get neglected because I'm blogging:
dishes, making my bed, laundry, grading papers every night,
exercising, consistent dinner time, getting 8+ hours of sleep
and plenty of other things on my to do list.
My blogging/life motto:

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