Sunday, April 28, 2013

Don't Ask Me...

People say the most interesting things to pregnant ladies...
and by interesting I mean
and awkward.

Here are some examples:
1. So when your baby arrives, are you going to get rid of your cats?
This annoys me on many levels, but what kind of pet owner would I be if I shipped off my furry babies when my baby girl arrives??  I don't think I could live with myself if that were to happen.

2. How much weight have you gained?
 I honestly haven't kept super close track of this and, even if I did, I never broadcast my weight pregnant or not.  I'm trying hard not to eat everything in sight and to eat healthy so that's all that really matters.  Baby is growing, she's happy and healthy and so am I.

3. Do you have a cold? or Are you sick?
 I have pretty severe allergies (grass, pollen, animal hair, mold, dust, etc etc).  Allegra D and I used to be BFFs along with a concoction of nose sprays.  I have had to make some medicinal changes since getting pregnant which result in a perma-stuffy nose.  I'm well aware of this and don't really need to be asked if I have a cold.

4. Are you going to work after you have the baby?
An obvious question for a working lady but when it's asked with an undertone of "the best mom's quit their jobs and stay home with their children" I get annoyed.  To each his own and what is best for your family may not be what is best for my family. 

5. Where are you going to put a baby?
I currently live in an apartment (so do millions of other people across the world) and it is possible to happily live with a baby in something other than a home that you own.  Plus I don't have to deal with all the headaches of home ownership just yet.  I'm enjoying this season of life and being content with the things I have been blessed with right now.

6. How's baby Olivia doing?
My baby's name is OLIVE not to be confused with Olivia.  While Olivia is a fine name, it's not the name we've chosen.  If you are unsure of the baby's name, just ask how the baby is doing and avoid calling him/her the wrong name.  The end.

When you interact with a pregnant lady,
I'd advise you to not ask her the above mentioned questions.


  1. Yes, people will say the craziest things. AND touch your belly. AND comment on your growing body. :(

  2. Oh gosh that is awful!! But it takes all types to make the world go round!! Just know your doing what is best for YOU!! After all your the one growing precious Olive!!
    Go Irish,


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