Sunday, April 14, 2013

Baby Shower Games

I've played a lot of shower games 
but never played the two that were at my most recent baby shower.
My friend, Meg, was in charge of the games and she found some good ones.
Let me introduce you to these two GREAT games!!

1. Candy Bar Baby Game
Match the list of candy bars to the baby related item on the side.

 2. Play Dough Babies
Each guest got a ziploc bag with a slice of Play Dough in a cupcake liner and a toothpick.
They were asked to build their best baby in 10-15 minutes.
There were all colors and everyone was excited for the challenge.
I was the judge and would be choosing the top three "best" babies.
Everyone was laughing and having a great time showing off their babies.
 Here's a collection of some of the babies.
It was hard to choose but I picked
1. The most realistic
2. The baby who had a cat friend with her
3. The one with the best hair/accessories

I would have liked to choose a few more:
-one person made an olive
-most creative
-best collaborative effort

All of the games were set out on the table ahead of time.
We ate lunch and then worked on our games afterward.


  1. Whoa...the last play-doh baby pic of the red baby...that is good work!!! Was that the art teachers baby? Lol

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