Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Highlights

The best parts of my week were:

1. Getting a few non-necessity, fun items from World-Market.  I've always wanted to try to make cookies that would sit on the edge of a cup and now I can.  I owned one of these twirly spoons but thought it was time that I got a set of them :)  Seem like the perfect spoons for ice cream toppings, candy buffets, yogurts, etc.

2. I had a baby shower thank you note writing marathon for my co-workers
and made some sugar cookies to go with them.  I made my usual recipe but scoop them with a cookie scoop instead of rolling them out.  It cut my cookie making time in half and they were very tasty.

3.I bought some comfy new pjs to wear at the hospital when I have Olive.
Who doesn't love new jammies??

4. My husband is back after traveling for a few days.  I realized that I get less sleep when he's away because I don't have anyone to make me go to bed and I really don't like it when he's gone.  Good thing he doesn't travel without me too often.

5. I've been going to see my doctor a lot lately and I really enjoy strolling around the hospital grounds when the scenery looks like this: 
Spring is such a cheerful time of year!

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