Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tree Branch Wreath

Another perk of getting a real Christmas tree is having extra tree branches to work with.
We chose our tree and then they trimmed it up for us
which left us with 6 giant branches.
The people at the tree lot were happy that I was taking my branches
and not leaving them for the workers to deal with.
Last year I did a typical round wreath, really liked it,
but I wanted to try something different this time.
I gathered the branches with all the ends at the top.
 I pulled out my green wire.

 Two random facts:
It was snowing while I was doing this project.
Topher's face is HILARIOUS!  I think he got a little sap in his mouth.
 I proceeded to wrap the branches with wire and tie the pieces off in knots.
It took 3-4 pieces of 12 inch wire until I felt it was secure.
 I added a variety of green ribbons to the top.
 I wanted to see how the shape looked on the wall so I did a trial run.
The right side needed some trimming.
 Better shape. Time to add the berries.
 Still needed some color so I went looking through my ornament stash.
I forgot that I had these polka-dotty ornaments and thought they'd be perfect.
I added about 10 ornaments.
It's pretty large Christmas swag but I like it.

I was pleased with how it turned out and it smells so Christmasy!

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