Monday, December 24, 2012

Gifting a Box of Treats

Some of my favorite little people no longer live close by me.
I loved making treats for them and they loves sweets.
So I figured that I'd send a box of treats for them this Christmas.

The contents of their treat box:
holiday napkins
holiday plates
my favorite cookie recipe
holiday chocolate chips
set of cookie cutters
cupcake mix
festive sprinkles
holiday tin to hold sprinkles
cupcake wrappers
PEZ containers

I wrapped the items so the girls could enjoy opening them.
I also made sure that there was an even number of items to open for each girl
so that there wouldn't be any arguing :)
I hope this box brings lots of smiles and fun times over Christmas break.

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  1. So cute and such a creative idea! Merry Christmas!!


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