Saturday, September 29, 2012

DIY Banners

I recently made a few banners
and wanted to show you some simple tutorials.

I made a 4 ft garland and made about 20 bows for it.
Each ribbon was about 10 inches long.
I got a variety of textures, colors and the widths were about the same.
Make all of the bows first.
 Choose one of the ribbons to cut at about 4 ft for the base.
I selected brown because I had a ton of it.
 Start gluing the bows on with hot glue.
 I tried other glue and the most durable one was hot glue.
Find the middle of the ribbon and start there.
Then put a bow on each side until it is at the desired length.
 I laid it out to make sure that it was long enough.

Find a font that you love, decide on your wording and cut out letters.
Cut the twine to the length you want.
Lay out the letters to make sure they'll fit and that it'll be centered.
Start gluing the letters on one by one.
Put a strip of hot glue on to achor the letters.
Continue this process 
and occasionally pick up the garland to ensure that they letters are hanging correctly.
Let dry for at least 30 minutes to ensure that letters will dry straight.
 Back view:
Front view:

 Choose a thick cardstock, make a pattern and start cutting.
 This will go very quickly if you precut the twine.
Put a long strip of hot glue on the back.
Be sure to apply the glue in the same spot on each triangle.
 Decide ahead of time how close you want the pennants to be 
because it's tricky to move them after you start gluing.
 Keep gluing.
 I purchased orange and white twine and blue striped washi tape to help with the banners.
I'd highly recommend shopping at The Twinery or Zurchers for party supplies.
I was really happy with how all three turned out.
 I think any of these banners would be great for the holidays, birthday parties and events.
Go make one today!

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