Monday, January 16, 2012

Can't Get Enough of DI

I mentioned that I've had a few days off...
Somehow my car just seems to drive itself here...
Found some great things:
1. $2 Avacado Sewing Box complete with organizing trays
 I gave it a good scrubbing and took it apart to ensure it was cootie free :)
It holds all of my earring and flower pin making supplies perfectly.
 2. $2 adorable strawberry picture 
that is hand stitched with a green frame.
I'm working on putting together a collage for a wall in my house.
No doubt, this will make it into said collage.
 3. $1 clear container & $0.50 clover jello mold
After a good scrubbing, it makes the perfect cupcake liner holder.
Now I can actually see what I have and they are in a cute container.
 4. $2 Glass trifle bowl in perfect condition.
to see this exact same thing at Dillards for $25
 5. $6 Cowl neck purple dress
 Not too bad for $13.50 :)


  1. I'm so jealous of all the good home stuff you have out there!!! I just looked at a sewing box today at Hobby Lobby for $36! $2 sounds like a better deal to me! Maybe I need to go thrifting again tomorrow.

    1. DI > Goodwill :) You should come to Utah and thrift with me sometime! Bring a BIG suitcase :)


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