Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Wisconsin Highlights

We spent 5 days in Wisconsin for Spring Break and loved doing a mix of our favorite activities and some new ones.  We celebrated one birthday, Easter and Spring Break all in just a couple of days.  The resort was very crowded - maybe the most crowded we'd ever seen it so we got creative and fought for a raft or two when it came time to head to the lazy river.  We found tons to do and just did our best to avoid the big Spring Break crowds.

The highlights of our trip were:

It was sunny and chilly, but we bundled up and went for a walk on the Riverwalk.  It's been a mild winter so the boats were busy going up and down the river.  The downtown Dells area is fun to walk through and shop for souvenirs.  The day after we left, the dells got a foot of snow!!  We were kind of sad to miss a snow like that.

2. Arcade time.  The kids love arcades more than almost anything right now so it was fun to see them win some big prizes.

There's an impressive ropes course above one of the arcades.  Kevin took the big kids to do that and I was surprised at how much better, more confident and faster they were than the first time.  I could hardly keep track of them climbing and working their way through the course.

There is a free kid climbing structure called Timberland Playhouse that Leo loved to explore.  It was a tiny bit scary becuase it was HUGE, but I think I was only one who was scared by that.  Thankfully, there is just one entrance for the kids to come and go from.  There is also a smaller toddler section.  It's always awesome to find free things on vacation!

Can you spot Leo climbing over this bridge up at the ceiling?  He loved it.

Extra snuggles and family time is always a good idea.

Both big kids won the Kid's Camp coloring contests earning free glitter tattoos.  We did crafts and played there several times.

Olive's mission was to find a Wisconsin Dells sweatshirt that she LOVED.  We checked all the shops, tried on several options and this was the winner.  Oversized sweatshirts are 5th grader's love language.

We hit the waterparks!  This was our last day when the crowds finally died down.  We hopped around to each of the different indoor water parks.  The big kids love the big slides and activities and my job is to keep Leo's head above water.  He's fearless and can't swim.  Rough combo for his body guard.  Picture us in a twin raft in the lazy river and Leo falling out head first.  Thank goodness Olive was with us and could help me get Leo back in the raft.  It's funny now, but not so funny in the moment.

I packed everything to make sure we could celebrate Easter in Wisconsin.  The kids woke up to baskets, the bunny came to deliver eggs to hunt in the condo while we were at breakfast and we had a great Easter together.  The whole resort and area was decked out for Easter.

The big kids took me horse back riding!  They have gone multiple times with Kevin, but he insisted that I go with them this time.  I was a little scared, but I loved it.  Our horses were nice and mostly well behaved.  The trail was an hour long and no one warned me that my butt would be sore!  Whoops!  We had a blast and the kids loved introducing me to something new.  Fletcher came home with a souvenir horse shoe and I couldn't resist the photo package at the end of the ride.

Spring Break 2024 was a blast!
They played pool and swam in the pools.
Got treats at all hours of the day.
Ate more donuts than we could count.
And made some really great Wisconsin memories.


  1. What a fun spring break! I hear you on the horseback riding. It somehow works muscles you didn't know you had. :)

  2. It looks like so much fun, Whitney! You guys sure know how to plan a great spring break!


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