Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Happy Campers

We celebrated Fletcher turning 8 and Leo turning 4 with HAPPY CAMPER themed birthday parties!  

Their birthdays are just ten days apart so it makes the most sense to gather our families together one weekend to celebrate both boys.  We both have big families that all live nearby so we host my family one night and Kevin's family another night.  Usually back to back nights.  Fletcher likes to pick the theme and Leo couldn't care less.  But both boys had thoughts on the menu.  Perfect combo.  Fletcher mentioned a camping theme for this year and it turned out so cute!  We used tons of things we already had so it was probably my most affordable party decorations ever.

Years 4 and 8 are going to be great!

I texted out invitations that I made for free on Canva to our family and they turned out so cute!

Fletcher was SO excited to help me gather camping decorations.  He cut me tons of logs, branches and made sure I had plenty of supplies.  He also shared his rock collection and some other favorite things for party decor.  I printed out pictures horseback riding and had them on display.  They were perfect party decor and I can hang them up after the party is done.

Party banners were crazy expensive so I made my own.

Coolest rock collection made a great centerpiece.

Party favors and woodland creatures.

The solar eclipse was just a few days after the party so we did eclipse themed treat bags for all the cousins.

One night we did cookies, cupcakes and brownies for dessert!

The boys wore matching gone fishing tshirts.

Kevin took care of dinner - pizzas and breadsticks - and I just put together some fruits, veggies and chips.  Easy peasy!  If you remember this was the same week that our neighborhood was hit by a tornado.  That happened on a Tuesday and we hosted the boy's parties on Friday/Saturday.  It was a wild week, but I was so thank to be able to host.

Best great grandmas ever!

Tools, Lincoln logs, Play-Doh and more.  They loved their gifts!

Then we did a Chick-Fil-A inspired dinner the second night - chicken tenders, nuggets, tator tots, Wisconsin Cowboy Beans and sides.  The meal was a big hit with kids and adults.

Since I did a lot of cooking for the meal, I hit the easy button on dessert.  I grabbed these bite sized cheese cake variety box from Sams and everyone loved it.  We also did a s'mores station for the kids and some cookies.

We had lots of fun making s'mores and the weather was perfect.  Olive is always a trooper through all the boy's birthday festivities being a helfpul big sister.  It's a lot of attention on the boys, but her birthday is up next in May.

Cute cousin crew on my side.

We had the best tiem celebrating the boys with our families!


  1. What a fun theme! You always make Birthdays so special for your kids. Those are memories they'll always hang on to!
    I had dinner at a friend's house the other night and she made cowboy beans and holy smokes they were flavorful! She described it as baked beans meet chili and I couldn't agree more.

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! What a cute theme!! And how fun to have back to back celebrations!

  3. Such a fun (and practical) theme! It looks like everyone had so much fun at your double birthday / double night party!

  4. Such a cute theme! Nothing like the love of brothers!! Ours turned 4 and 6 in April (on the same day!) but they requested lego and Hot Wheels themes...pretty much what they loved last year, too, ha!

  5. Not even a TORNADO can stop Whitney when there's a party to throw! :) This is such a fun theme and you pulled it off flawlessly as always. Happy birthdays to your boys!


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